Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Wish it was a flying carpet !!!

This past Saturday, my husband (what's his name) , the kids , and I went shopping for some furniture. We're looking for an entertainment center for the living room and a book case of some sort for the bedroom. Well, as usual, no final decisions were made on the furniture -- so no progress there..... but, next door to the furniture store was an Ollies' (you know -- "Good stuff CHEAP !") -- so, I went in there -- mainly to use the bathroom. At this point both kids , being way beyond bored, had been sitting out in the car with the music blasting (teenagers --ages 16 and 14) and had consumed about 4 Pop Tarts each - which they bought at Ollies in an attempt to alleviate their boredom and "starvation" while waiting for the furniture shopping to be finished and the eating out at "Chilis" or "Olive Garden" to begin as promised by their old man. Anyway, knowing that the kids were reaching the saturation point of their patience, I wasn't planning on doing any shopping in Ollie's -- just needed to use the "hopper" (as the nuns at St. Peter and Paul's school in Tamaqua , Pa used to call the toilet.) But, what's his name spotted a huge mountain of rugs/carpets of all shapes and sizes -- and he has been pestering me to get an area rug of some sort for our bedroom to absorb some of the sound due to the hard wood floor (he's a VERY light sleeper and goes to bed before me, so every teensy little noise wakes him up -- funny, though how a kid puking at 3 AM doesn't make him stir at all..........I guess that's what you'd call "selective light sleeping".) Anyhow, I came across this carpet that I just loved -- thought it looked kind of old fashioned and "cottagey" -- is that a word? -- So, we bought it! and I think it looks pretty spiffy in our bedroom (don't look too closely at that picture or you'll see all the clutter and dust). Anyhow, of course I immediately had to go to my fabric stash to pick out some fabrics to make a quilt to go with the new carpet ( like that will get finished before the fabric dry rots! -- oh..... delusions of grandeur .....) Anyhow, if and when I ever get around to actually making a quilt for our bed, I have to come up with a pattern . Here's one possibility -- on that silly lil doe's blog. I think that 's such a fun pattern -- and it might show off the floral fabrics pretty well. This must be the current popular quilt pattern because here are instructions posted by another quilter (sorry , I don't know her name ) --and I've seen this pattern and instructions show up an a few other blogs --- so , I just may jump on that bandwagon too! - - - - or....... if I happen to spot a comforter at Kmart or Target that just happens to go with the new carpet, I could easily be persuaded to go that route (i.e. the easy way out!) Oh --if only the new carpet was a flying carpet complete with a genie , I could be whisked away on a lovely , relaxing vacation on the flying carpet. Then, when I return, all stress free from my lovely vacation, the genie would be there to grant my 3 wishes -- one being some uninterrupted time to actually finish a sewing project for a change !!!!!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK !!!!!! (oh -- sorry , didn't mean to shout! I just need a vacation.......................)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


OldBagNewTricks said...

OMG -- firstly, I love the rug. That is precisely the rug I want in any given room in my house. But secondly, I am wild about OLLIE's. That might be a very strong sentiment, but we get to go only when we are in Pennsylvania. And I know where Tamaqua is. My old Boyfriend is from Schuylkill Haven. Yea Ollie's. Nice rug.

Busy Little Quilter said...

I love the rug! The fabrics that you have chosen go really well with it. I think the pattern from the blog that you don't know her name would be great. It would showcase the fabrics really well.

I'm not familiar with Ollie's. It must not be in Western PA (DuBois).