Monday, May 7, 2007

Look ! Look! a new header design !!!!

Hey everybody -- look at my new header !! I just LOVE it !! Revka of RS Designs installed it for me (I took the picture, and emailed it to her and she did all the rest ). I've been wanting to put this picture on my blog for the past month or so, but couldn't figure out how to do it. I came across Revka's service on Tina's blog (Cherryhill cottage) . I saw her new header and she said how it was designed/installed by Revka --- and I thought "BINGO" -- why continue to tax my computer challenged brain to try and figure this out when Revka can do it !!! YEAH !!! Thanks Revka ! I LOVE IT !! (to find out more about Revka's header design business, just click on her logo up there in the top right corner of my blog page.) ---- and , yes, by the way, that is a picture of 4 year old me in the jar -- crooked pig tails and goofy sneakers ---- kind of the way I still look.......

Anyhow, I just wanted to take a minute and thank everybody who stops by my blog and reads all my silliness -- thanks for all your nice comments !! I really enjoy reading them!

Well, better get back to the paperwork pile (busy work day /week) and the laundry pile (dirtbike race yesterday -- I'm still trying to get the dirt and dust out of my nostrils and hair! )

Coming Attractions : 7 Weird Things About Yours Truly (about a week ago I was tagged by that
old bag Jenny to list 7 weird things/facts about myself - - and I just couldn't come up with any --- HA! ARE YOU KIDDING !!!! Just haven't had a chance to do it yet, that's all.)

Be back soon -- I hope!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


OldBagNewTricks said...

I know you are proud as anything of that spectacular new header. It says You, You, You! And thanks for the heads up on Revka. I am still going to try "try" try to implore my child into doing mine -- but it is good to know that when this fails... and it will... I have an alternative. Thanks -- And yours is gorgeous.

OldBagNewTricks said...

P.S. We ARE waiting for those seven weird things -- which I am sure you will get around to the minute you get that list pared down to your favorite seven weird things.


Revka said...

I'm so glad you love your new header, Mary Anne, and I enjoyed creating this for you. You were great to work with, and I am pleased to have been able to create what you wanted.

Vallen said...

I love the banner. I could never figure out how to do that on Blogger either. On Typepad it's fairly easy. The jar simply radiates moonbeams!!

Busy Little Quilter said...

I love the header! I always wondered how people did that.

The picture is perfect. I also love the picture of you as a little girl. I tell everyone to "stay in touch with that little girl who lives deep inside who still loves to play and creates beautiful things."