Thursday, May 3, 2007

New old stuff .......

A couple of days ago I finished work a little early, so I had the chance to wander around town for a half hour -- and I think I originally had a specific purpose for being there , like buying a birthday card, or using the copier in my husband's office -- but I don't remember and apparantly it wasn't important -- anyhow, I wandered up and down the main street of Jim Thorpe and went into some of the little shops -- pretty many of the shops have antiques and shabby chic type stuff . Well, I came across that little faded green stool and thought it would go perfectly in our bathroom. (so I stuck it there by the tub and fully expected my husband to ask what that old, chipped stool is doing in the bathroom and why is it necessary -- but so far not a peep out of him. I guess as long as he's not tripping over it when he gets in the shower , which is to the left of the tub , he doesn't care --- GOOD !!! because I LIKE it right where it is !)

I also found those cute aprons in the other picture. Actually the one in the middle with the red dots is the one I just bought this week. The other 2 I bought about a year ago, but from the same shop. They also have tons of vintage clothes, jewelry and HATS -- LOVE THE HATS!! We're talking Lucy and Ethel hats and Jackie Kennedy and my mother on Sunday hats -- little pillbox hats, big picture hats, cocktail hats with feathers sticking off the top and a little veil that comes down over your eyes only -- very fun ! There also was a dress -- 1950's pink prom dress !!! Mid calf length, strapless and floofy tulle skirt that must have rustled like crazy every time the prom queen moved. I was thinking how fun it would be to get that dress just to have it hanging in my pink sewing room as a decoration ---- or to wear -- maybe to go bowling in...... of course you'd have to have a tiara to go with that outfit !

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Vallen said...

If you get the dress, I'll make you a crown to go with it! Promise.

Busy Little Quilter said...

It looks like you found some great things on your little excursion. I love days like that!

Farmer Di said...

Looks like you had a funntime ~ Your blog makes me smile!
Diana aka Farmer Di

Unknown said...

Go get the dress! This weekend I bought a lovely 50's dress to put in the store--it's white with red velvet polka-dots. Amazing, and I keep thinking that maybe I should keep it and put it in my office. :D

Blessings on your day and thank you so much for the link to my blog. (