Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day in Jim Thorpe, Pa.

I had a brief chance to wander around our little historic town and take a few Memorial Day-ish pictures. The first picture is of the main street , Broadway. The tower is part of the court house and the sign kind of at the base of the tower is the sign for The Inn at Jim Thorpe (my husband's family's hotel -- but he' s the manager and big cheese of the place. It's about 150 years old and supposedly haunted. If you want to take a peek, click on "the inn at jim thorpe" in my list of "fun blogs to visit" over there on the right -- blogger wasn't cooperating with me today to let me link it in this post for some reason). The other 2 pictures are of the oldest cemetary in town , dating from before the Civil War. I like to wander around old cemetaries and read the headstones -- that one pictured in the 3rd picture was a Civil War guy. Last summer we were in Charleston and Savannah -- now those were really neat , interesting, old cemetaries !! (oh, and the historic houses and shops were really great , too --- just so you don't think I'm weirder than I am!) . . . . . . and, the last picture(I just had to include this on Memorial Day) is of a great book by Barb Adams and Alma Allen, "Women of Grace and Charm - A Quilting Tribute to the Women Who Served in WW II" . I love reading about all those unsung hero-gals -- an amazing bunch!

Anyhow, time to fire up the grill ........... have a safe and relaxing holiday!

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Revka said...

Thanks for sharing this neat information. The Inn sounds cool. I hope you had a good Memorial Day.

I finally got my weird things post up at The Porch Light and thought you'd like to see it. :) Have a great day.

Busy Little Quilter said...

Hi! I feel like I haven't talked to you in a long time. It's been busy around here.

I love the pictures of Jim Thorpe. I think everyone would love to see the pictures of the hotel that you shared with Pat Sloan's group. It's such a beautiful place.

OldBagNewTricks said...

If this doesn't look like Small Town Holiday Parade Perfection, I don't know what does. Thank you so much for posting this -- I like in a big city now and they just don't know how to hold an event like this. It's kinda pitiful.