Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter Storm "Jonas" ..... a whopper !!

So this was the scene from my kitchen window this morning .....

I thought it was appropriate to light my "Winter Morning" candle....

.... and by 3:00 PM, my car was pretty much buried in the driveway ( this is after I uncovered it a bit) 

....  and  as per usual, ignoring the gigantic "should list" category of the "To Do " list, I came across these 2 drawings ( more like doodles on scrap paper) I started about 8 (yes 8) years ago .... 

 ..... and all of a sudden I just couldn't stand to not have them colored in .....

..... so, after shoveling out my car, I came inside and relaxed with some very therapeutic coloring !!!    Maybe one of these days ( probably 8 more years) "Let it Snow" and "The Skating Season" drawings will turn into something else ?  Applique maybe ??  

Hope you are warm and cozy if you are in the path of "Jonas"  !!! 

Be back soon !
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Am I too late to say "Happy New Year "????

Ok ..... so I'm only about 2  - 3 weeks late on the "Happy New Year" thing  ...... in my world that's still within the realm of  being on time !  As you can see, the baby quilt ( last post) still isn't finished ..... baby is now 3 months old ( again, in my world that's still within the realm of being on time !)   So here and there I'm  stitching down fluffy fluffy clouds and "dream houses" floating on clouds ...... promise to show you when it's finished ! 

Then there's the teensy matter of my sewing room /stash mess ...... ( and here you are only seeing a smattering of my "collection" ) ..... and there's a graduation quilt ( or two) partly finished AND my soon to be daughter in law's Bridal Shower to plan .... AND I have to hunt for a Mother of the Groom dress (a major under taking)  .... AND what the heck am I gonna do with my hair !!!!!!  (big sigh) ... The wedding is going to be here before ( way before ) I'm organized !!!  ( May 28th ....... oh , wait ..... I have TONS of time ..... don't I??????) 

Be back soon ! ( I know ..... I keep saying that ....)
Toodles ,
Mary Anne ( aka Mare)