Thursday, October 1, 2015

Here I am ..........

So ........ it's only been a few months ( as in 6) since I last posted anything ....... ugh!  How dare the day job get in my way so much !!!!   I have managed to squeeze in the start ( notice "start" not "finish") of a couple of projects.  This first one is a high school graduation quilt ( and yes, the recipient is now in college..... but only a freshman ..... so far).  I was inspired by those cute labels sitting there by the fabric and my pen ( found in the scrapbooking sections at Michaels)  to make a signature quilt .  And I'm using a layer cake of Kate Spain "Sunnyside"  fabric that I just LOVE !!!

Here is the preliminary layout with Sam's assistance. 

......and here we have Daisy lounging on the beginnings of a baby quilt (my niece's baby girl due at the end of this month .....).   Of course my family is taking bets on whether this will be finished in time for the baby to go to kindergarten or college !!!  

Well, hope to be back soon with a picture of one of these quilts actually finished ( but lets not hold our breath !)

Be back soon ! (aren't I being optimistic !)
Mary Anne ( aka Mare)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter !! Happy Spring !!

Well hello there and Happy Easter !!   It's been quite  a LONG stretch since I had time or was in the mood to post here on my poor lonely blog.  Lots has gone on in the past few months.....some sad and some happy.    And, my old excuse of the day job just eating up my every waking minute hasn't improved ..... in fact its worse ..... UGH!!!    But, if there is just one constant in my life , it's FABRIC  and SEWING and my quest to make time for them  ( I know I should put fitness in there some where too , but right now there really isn't room for either, and if I get to choose one that might squeeze into my day between 2 AM and 8 AM, it's gonna be FABRIC and SEWING darn it !!!) .   Any how,  I'm hoping to be able to resume blogging my sewing/quilting/designing escapades every now and then ( I have a wedding quilt to design and make .... my first baby is engaged !!!!   Guess he's not a baby anymore ..... ). 
Well, as is my usual for a weekend, I have hours and hours of work to document into my computer left over from the past work week  ..... and no time to sew or play with fabric or colored pencils ...... so I am going to console myself with a chocolate Easter egg or 6  and wish you all a Happy Easter or Happy Passover. 

Be back soon ( I hope !)
Mary Anne ( aka Mare)