Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dusting off the cobwebs .....

Ok ....... so here I am again .....dusting off my poor neglected blog.   It's been almost 6 months ....... sheesh !!!!  Alot has gone on in the past 6 months ....... Matt (older son) married his sweetheart Brittany on May 28th in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the Poconos.  Then, I barely put my Mother of the Groom dress away when  my younger son Evan proposed to his high school sweetheart in July!!!!!  They are busily planning for a November 2017 wedding !!!! So ..... here I go again on the hunt for a Mother of the Groom dress Fall version .......... or should I sew one ???? ( I do not hear an encouraging word from any of my family members on that one ...... they know my track record on finishing things before they get moldy).  

ANYWAY ....... so here we are between Halloween and Christmas ...... oh WAIT ...... what about the poor forgotten holiday that gets squeezed out by those other two !!!!  THANKSGIVING !!!

I LOVE Thanksgiving .... since the only shopping involved is grocery shopping .   AND it's a  nice family day gathering around the table for a (hopefully) pleasant meal.  And, if the weather is anything like it was today , then that's even better !!! Perfect autumn weather here in Pa.  

Bright blue skies....

colored leaves and a chill in the air ........

put me in the mood to gather up some fabrics, look for a piece of paper and my colored pencils,  and design a Thanksgiving table runner (or whatever it may turn out to be).   "We Gather Together"  is just in the planning stages ( and may possibly never get out of that stage) ..... but it was a fun diversion from everything else I'm supposed to be doing today !!!

Happy Fall !!!

Be back soon ( I'm being optimistic !)
Mary Anne ( aka Mare)