Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saving My Sanity One Stitch at a Time ........

See that pile of work ?  This and many similar piles of work have been the bane of my existence for the majority of the past 34 years.  Sometimes the piles are bigger .... and sometimes the piles are smaller ....... and occasionally (but rarely) the piles will be caught up for a few days ...... but then they return and continue to pile up.   Sometimes I ignore them and do something fun ..... like sew ...... but then I get even farther behind as the pile just keeps growing.  It's like waking up everyday during finals week in college with 6 finals to study for and 5 papers to write ....  just like the movie "Groundhog Day" ...... the same thing day after day , week after week (including weekends) with no end in site .......UGH !!!!!  Such is life as a home care physical therapist.   The thing is ,  I LIKE doing home care and have met many, many wonderful people and have been in some really great old homes ....... but whoever decided all this endless documentation (that I swear nobody reads)  is necessary can GO FLY A KITE !!! (and that expression was cleaned up for a PG rating ).  Anyhow,  since actually sewing at my sewing machine seems to be asking too much most of the time,  I have to keep my sanity ..... I can't tell you how I crave the feel of nice quilting fabric between my fingers and need to see pretty colors and prints ..... it instantly takes me on a mini vacation right here in front of this &*%$@# work laptop !!!

So,a few days ago,  to help alleviate just a smidge of stress and total burn out ,  I dragged out a project that I started hand piecing about 8 years ago .   See how nicely it dresses up the paper work piles and laptop !!  I can take a few stitches here and there while my work program decides to unfreeze ( which it does fairly often, adding to my desire to throw my laptop under a truck ..... except it's my laptop.)

ANYWAY.   here are the blocks I've finished so far ..... I have no idea if they'll actually fit together ...... but right now I don't care ..... the stitching of pretty fabric is giving this physical therapist the therapy she needs to prevent burn out !!!!
Well, thanks for listening to my rant !!!  Fun time is over ...... back to the paperwork pile ......:(
Be back soon !
Mary Anne ( aka Mare)