Sunday, December 18, 2016

"A Star a Star ....Dancing in the Night ....."

So here we are just one week away from Christmas !!!!  And what am I doing ?  Well digging out one of many Christmas UFO's  of course and deciding if I should finish it.  Are my pumpkins and other fall decorations put away ...... NOPE!  Is our Christmas tree up and decorated ...... NOPE! (it's still lying on the garage floor ).   Do I have a wreath on the front door yet ..... NOPE!  Did I wrap anything yet ...... NOPE! ( I'm just thrilled that I am almost finished shopping .... all done online at the last possible minute to make it just in the nick of time for Christmas delivery).  So "A Star a Star... Dancing in the Night" Christmas stitchery will more than likely be put on the back burner for yet another year ( darn ..... so close !! )   along with the other long suffering Christmas UFO's !!!  And even though I have plenty to keep me busy ......

.....I still have visions of new pretty fabric dancing in my head !!!!

From my over flowing fabric stash to  yours ...... I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year !!!

Be back soon !
Mary Anne ( aka Mare)