Saturday, February 19, 2011

FNSI .....and your opinions please !!!!

Well hang onto your hats Blogland Neighborhood because here we are back again ..... 2 blog posts in 2 days !!!! Kitty and the MBIAJ Sewing Dept enjoyed a couple of hours of sewing/crafting last night during this month's Friday Night Sew In and they almost finished a better late than never Valentine project. Now we just need to figure out where to put the flowers ....

...should they go here? ....or

Thanks gang !! Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Girls Night IN -- Friday Night Sew In that is !!!

TGIF Blogland Neighborhood! Kitty has had a rough work week and ....

......could really use a Girls' Night Out !!!.....but ....

....she didn't save enough pennies in her "Girl's Night Out" jar ..... so she decided to treat herself and the MBIAJ Sewing/Crafting Dept to something just as fun (with fewer consequences ) .....

....the "Friday Night Sew In" !!!

OK .... so there goes Kitty and the gang to spend some quality time with some fabric, scissors, the sewing machine, an "I Love Lucy" rerun or two, and enough chocolate to sink a ship ....

Be back tomorrow with a report on how this all went ...

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day !!

Happy Valentine's Day Blogland Neighborhood!!! .... and how are we spending this day of hearts and flowers here at MBIAJ Headquarters ?

Well, studying for our CPR recertification test tomorrow .... not very romantic, but it does have to do with hearts !!!

Meanwhile, since we've been busy with studying and haven't had a chance to whip up a new Valentine project YET, the Queen of Hearts herself (aka Kitty) has decided to recycle this one from last year.

OK ... well, it's back to studying for us ... and hopefully we'll be back BEFORE the end of February with THIS year's Valentine project !!!

Happy Valentine's Day and Healthy Hearts to you all !

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Felt, paper, scissors ..... glue

Happy February Blogland Neighborhood! Well, these holidays keep rolling along don't they? We still have the Christmas tree stand and a stray wreath or two sitting at the bottom of the steps waiting for somebody (anybody) to take them back up to the attic and here it is Valentine's Day / season already! ZOOM ! SWOOSH ! ... and I wonder why my hair looks like I've just come out of a wind tunnel all the time! I can't keep up with the decorating and undecorating and redecorating for the next holiday! Well, anyhow, like the rest of the country (or at least 90% of it) we had yet another winter storm last night . By this afternoon .....

the sun was peeking through the fog and .....

... this mourning dove was sitting in the tree by the kitchen waiting for her significant dover (ha ha .... get it? significant other /dover ) ....OK, never mind. Anyway, speaking of significant others and this month's holiday of Valentine's Day, the MBIAJ Holiday Decorating Dept, who so deftly managed to piddle away the majority of this snow day, finally got themselves organized and dragged out some .... wool felt and white paper doilies....

...and paper tags, glue, scissors, a couple of teeny tiny pieces of white wool felt, some red Valentine ribbon and a red sharpie marker to ....

....gussy up the glass hurricane candle holders that sit on ....

......the kitchen table. Ta Da .... OK... now the MBIAJ Decorating Dept is exhausted from that monumental effort and they'll have to rest because the next holiday will be "sweeping down the plain" (as they say in "Oklahoma" ... the play, not the state ) faster than you can blink!!!

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)