Tuesday, September 25, 2012

PUBLISHED in McCalls Quilting magazine !!!!!!

It's HERE !!!! IT's HERE !!!  I've had a hard time keeping my big mouth shut about this, but it's FINALLY HERE !!!!!!  What's here?  The November/ December issue of McCall's Quilting magazine !!!!  AND........

....if you page through and stop on page 18 ......

..... you will see MY DESIGN  "HOLLY JOLLY"  !!!!!!!!!!!        Designed by ME !!!!  I am SO THRILLED that those nice people at McCall's LIKED MY DESIGN and published it as an online bonus pattern !!!!  THANK YOU nice people at McCalls Quilting !!!!   AND thank you to my sewing helper Judy Snyder (who sewed down all those applique pieces and did the binding) .... and thank you to Judy's friend Patty Terry who did the machine quilting !   Here's the link to my online pattern page
OK .... deep breath .....  but just one more YAY (and a cartwheel) !!!!!!! :)

Be back soon !
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall / Autumn = Fautumn/ Autall ?

Well,  happy 2nd official day of Fall ...... or Autumn ...... wonder why there are two names for Fall/ Autumn ....... none of the other seasons has two names ...... anybody know why that is ?    Maybe Fall/ Autumn should be combined to be Fautumn or Autall   .......uh .... maybe not.  ANYHOW,  since it is officially  Fall/Autumn, the MBIAJ Stitching Dept thought they'd haul out this .........

long suffering , years in the making, "Witches Brew" stitchery

This combines a few of my favorite activities ...... coloring with colored pencils (the frog, kettle, etc are all colored in with colored pencils),  stitching, and Halloween !   Too bad that witch got dumped in her own kettle .... I was hoping for a magic "get it done already" spell from her !

Happy Fautumn/  Autall !!!

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Leafs me Happy Blog Hop ..... Coming Soon !!!

Coming soon !!!   Another great blog hop organized by Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt  and hosted by Cherry at Cherry Blossoms Quilts.  

Yes !!!!!  Autumn "Leafs Me Happy" since it is my FAVORITE season !!!!  AND.......

 How about this GORGEOUS autumnal (is that a word?) fabric for some autumnal inspiration !!!!
(if you click on the "Leafs Me Happy" tree over there on my sidebar, it will link you to the list of blogs participating in the blog hop). 
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Off He Goes Into the Wild Blue Yonder (AF song)

   BIG NEWS here at MBIAJ Headquarters !!!! Today my oldest son Matt got word that he has been accepted into the United States Air Force officer's training and flight school to train to be a pilot !!!!!!  This is his dream come true !!!!  CONRATULATIONS MATT !!!!

(I won't be aging gracefully from here on out !  So far, the gray hair has been earned through both boys' football games, wrestling matches, and dirt bike races .......from here on out, I'm not even gonna waste $ on dying my hair since  it'll be turning gray at warp speed .....I'll just be a constant nervous wreck !!!! (but a proud one!)

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sweater Weather !!!

There's a VERY WELCOME chill in the air this morning here at MBIAJ Headquarters in Jim Thorpe, Pa !!!  Fall (or do you say Autumn) is in the air !!!  and I couldn't be happier !  It's my FAVORITE season !!!  Time to get the sweaters and plaid wool skirts out of the moth balls !!!   and soup !!! Don't you just LOVE the smell of a pot of home made soup simmering on the stove on a crisp fall afternoon ?!?! 

Looks like somebody else is doing their fall chores  ...... gathering up some acorns for the coming winter  .....

Well, I haven't been gathering up acorns, but I have been gathering up some new fall fabrics .......LOVE those colors !!!!

.......and here's another stack of fabrics I recently gathered and plan to squirrel away until I can figure out what they are going to be when they grow up ...... (found all of these fabrics at Jo Ann Fabrics .... except for that brown one ..... I've had that for awhile and can't remember where the heck I got it .... but it's a good brown, don't you think?)
Happy Sweater Weather !!!!
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Clams ...... (Clam chowder !)

Ok, so the pretend Labor Day Clambake is over .... but I'm still making "clams"  (chain gang fused clams that is).......

.......only now , since summer is over, I should be making clam chowder !!!!

 .....AND,  I'm adding this project to the list of many "Works in Progress" !  and linking up with W.I.P. Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Clam Bake !

Well, here it is Labor Day  ..... so, even though it's raining here at MBIAJ Headquarters on this last official holiday of summer , we thought we'd have a pretend clambake on our pretend sunny holiday weekend .....

And, as part of our last summer fling, we thought we'd make some "clams" for our clam bake out of a "Lucy's Crab Shack" charm pack using ......


Clams, Clams, everywhere Clams !!!.....

 ...and how about that fun newsprint fabric for the background! (it's from "Crabtastic" by Maude Asbury)
Well, time for the clam bake!  Good bye summer....
Hello fall !  (my FAVORITE time of year !)
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lid is on ..... moonbeams are secure !

PHEW !  The MBIAJ Sewing and Quilting Dept sewed the lid on that jar just in time ..... the blue moon moonbeams didn't escape ! I  used Kajsa's method of applique-ing things down with a black straight stitch ..... I think her stuff is SO cute and I'm happy with how this turned out !

So, even though this block wasn't finished in time for the "Texting While Sewing Contest" deadline over at Amy's During Quiet Time Blog ,
  I really enjoyed making it and making three different types of my own "text" fabrics.
1)  handwritten fabric ;   
 and ;  3) handstamped with alphabet stamps and ink. 
Now to figure out what to do with this block !  a pillow ..... maybe;  embroidery hoop art ......maybe;  wall hanging .... maybe;  part of a quilt ..... maybe ..... so what would you do?  so tell me .... maybe ! (ha ha .... how does that song go?)
P.S.  Linking up with
Lily's Quilts
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)