Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lid is on ..... moonbeams are secure !

PHEW !  The MBIAJ Sewing and Quilting Dept sewed the lid on that jar just in time ..... the blue moon moonbeams didn't escape ! I  used Kajsa's method of applique-ing things down with a black straight stitch ..... I think her stuff is SO cute and I'm happy with how this turned out !

So, even though this block wasn't finished in time for the "Texting While Sewing Contest" deadline over at Amy's During Quiet Time Blog ,
  I really enjoyed making it and making three different types of my own "text" fabrics.
1)  handwritten fabric ;   
 and ;  3) handstamped with alphabet stamps and ink. 
Now to figure out what to do with this block !  a pillow ..... maybe;  embroidery hoop art ......maybe;  wall hanging .... maybe;  part of a quilt ..... maybe ..... so what would you do?  so tell me .... maybe ! (ha ha .... how does that song go?)
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Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Sherri @ said...

Hi Mare :)
I just love your block! I'm a little crazy over jars - I love to decorate with them! :o) And, I really enjoy canning too! I think your block would look super cute in the kitchen... wall hanging, toaster cover, pillow? center block on a valance? Whatever you decide, it will be adorable!

Sherri @ said...
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Marla said...

Such a sweet block. I think it would look great anywhere. Great use of text fabric too.

Suz J said...

That black outline stitching just makes it perfect! Great job.