Saturday, May 26, 2007

The "Pope Room" - - - (I'm not kidding !)

Here it is -- I found the picture of " the Pope Room" . That bust of the Pope would have made a great addition to my late Italian grandmother's dining room table -- she already had many statues and vigil lights on the sideboard , so I think the Pope would have felt right at home as the focal point right smack in the middle of the table -- and I'm sure my sister, my brother , my redneck cousins and I would have felt compelled to be on our best behavior at dinner!

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


deb said...

I have had dinner in the Pope room, its in a restaurant called Buca De beppo...........its a great room!

OldBagNewTricks said...

Yes, yes, I recognized at once the Pope Room at Buca deBeppo... which sadly did not induce my child, funny one that he is, to be on his best behavior... heavy sigh... but it was such a GRAND hope. A mother tries...