Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day - - Keeping it real.......

Well, for today's post, I was going to set up a pretty table setting complete with a lovely tea pot, tea cups, flowers and lemon bars (which I was so sure I'd have time to make yesterday -- that didn't happen and the lemons that havent' gotten moldy have been made into "pink" lemonade by Evan -- the red food coloring is still staining the sink...) Anyhow, I decided to "keep it real" here at MBIAJ (Moonbeams in a Jar) and show you how Mother's Day is done here in the Drury household.

I was going to treat myself to a little sleeping in -- oh say at least until 8 AM today, but I was "gently" awakened by a plate of scrambled eggs and raisin toast stuck under my snoring nose by Evan at 7:15. He started this Mother's Day tradition with the help of Dad and big brother Matt a few years ago , but now he gets up and makes me breakfast all by himself (now that he's had 2 years of Junior High Consumer Science under his belt -- back in my junior high days this class was known as Home Ec ---anyhow, he's a very good breakfast maker and a very thoughtful kid-- humble , too -- he said " I made this for you and Matt didn't help at all -- he's still sleeping" )
Anyhow, I enjoyed my breakfast in bed , eating with my numb right hand -- slept on it wrong ...

After my breakfast, I stumbled down the steps to the kitchen, still half asleep, in search of something caffeinated and was greeted with the mess left in the sink and on the stove -- well, he did clean up some of the mess, but had to leave the rest because they (boys and dad ) were packing up the pickup truck for yet another dirtbike race. (There they are, Matt and Evan holding my Mother's Day flowers -- that's Evan -- and my dark chocolate Mother's Day Milky Way bar -- that's Matt -- standing in front of the truck loaded with their dirt bikes before they left for their race this morning ). The kids wanted me to come and tried to really sell me on it by telling me that since it's Mother's Day, all moms get to race for free today !!!!Ummmmmmmm............ a real dream come true and a tough offer to pass up and I know that the deafening sound of hundreds of dirt bike engines revving, dust in your face and exhaust fumes filling your lungs just screams HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY --- I'll just sit this one out ! ( I have never gotten on a dirt bike in my life, and certainly don't intend to race one on Mother's Day -- that would definatley be the gift that keeps on giving for many years to come as I nurse all my injuries!) -- besides I have a fun - filled day planned -- NOT -- see that picture of my desk with the pile of paperwork sitting on it? That has to be finished today and dropped off at the Homecare office -- today --- oh yippee -- so, about 3 hours of mind numbing, life sucking paper work ahead of me yet today -- I'll have to take a break every half hour and do a little sewing on Maura' s quilt -- see , I even took a few stitches on one of the letters that I'm appliqueing (sp?) so that I have to go back and at least finish that one teensy letter -- that and that dark chocolate Milky Way bar (held by Matt in the picture) are the only things that help me slog through all that endless paperwork --- that and a match.........(now that's a very tempting thought !!!)

Anyhow -- I did get lots of hugs , cuddles, and kisses from both of my "babies" -- Matt and Evan -- and that's definatley "keeping it real" on Mother's Day !!


Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Vallen said...

I think your day sound idyllic, except the paperwork. I love being in a quiet house. Now that is a day off!!

OldBagNewTricks said...

Thius is definitely keeping it real -- mud, mess, Milky Way (one year my child gifted me with a butterfinger bar -- a really really BIG. Those were the days.

Thanks for sharing this,

Busy Little Quilter said...

Breakfast in bed: Wow. My son (19) picked up my daughter at 3:30 am Sunday morning from a bus trip to Chicago. That was better than breakfast in bed (I didn't have to go get her). It sounds like you had a nice day.

Revka said...

I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day. even with the mess left behind, breakfast cooked by someone else and served to you in bed sounds heavenly.