Wednesday, May 23, 2007

He PASSED !!!!

YIKES !!! Kid #1 (Matt) is , as of today at 3:25PM a LICENSED DRIVER !!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS MATT !!! (I know he doesn't look like a real happy camper in this picture standing in front of The Golden Bullet, but in the time it took us to drive home from the DMV, he got my one millionth safety lecture AND his Dad went on and on about the cost of car insurance --- but , honest he was smiling and happy when he first walked out of the DMV holding his shiny , new junior driver's license.) --Anyhow, I am now officially stressed and resigned to the fact that I will probably never sleep again! ( I should have enjoyed that brief interlude between 2 hour feedings, and diaper changes which drifted right into crawling into our bed because of a bad dream AND the pre driving teenage years when I had to drag him out of bed by his foot at noon -- which, by the way, was only this morning.) Good bye brunette hair -- hello gray ........

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Unknown said...

Congratulations to the boy! :D

And you, let me introduce you to my BFF: Ms. Clairol. :D

--Wende (

KC Quilter said...

Oh boy. As my mom used to say, "School will pick up now!" (I never knew what that meant but it always seemed to sum up the situation!!!)

Vallen said...

It is nerve-wracking isn't it? I'm right there with you.

OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh.... my heart goes out to you -- as thrilled as Matt is, I know you're nerves are jangley every time he turns over the ignition. I'm waving my magical wand for you both.


Betty said...

you'll never sleep again!!at least till he's in college, maybe give him the bumper sticker 1-800 hows my driving?
Love all the plants and flowers... did you remember the dirt? LOL