Friday, May 18, 2007

She's - a her birth-a-day today, too !

"No ! No! She's - a really IS -a her birth-a-day" (that is a line from , you guessed it , an "I Love Lucy" episode when they were in Italy) -- and today really IS -a my sister Boop's (real name Karen) birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOOP !!! ........and, here's a little peek at a birthday surprise I'm working on ...... well, maybe don't hold your breath for it to be finished on this particular birthday ........ Anyhow those 2 little pictures in the cake picture are pictures of Boop taken a loooooonnnnnnng time ago ( I was trying to find the really geeky 3rd grade school picture to post, but lucky for you, Boop, I don't know where I put it.) OK, time for me to go and eat that cake and work on the surprise !

Mary Anne (aka Mare)