Tuesday, May 22, 2007

O.K. sooooo......I bought a "few" plants today.......

As instructed by my husband, today I went to Lowe's to buy 2 bags of dirt and to pick up a few perennials. Normally I would have taken the SUV type vehicle which has loads of room in the back for whatever I need to throw in there, BUT today Matthew (kid #1) and I decided to take the Mercury Sable (4-door sedan type vehicle). The reason we took that car is tomorrow is the day Matt will be taking his driver's license test (AHHHHHH!!!!-- my hair is turning gray at warp speed!!!!!) -- anyhow, this car is going to be his car (a hand-me - down from me) and he wanted to get more practice driving it and parallel parking it at the actual DMV where he's taking the test. He has named this car "The Golden Bullet" --- funny, when the car was my car, he called it "The Old Lady Car" ---- I have a feeling the car name change has to do with average driving speed of the driver. .....................Anyhow, can you believe how many plants we shoved into this car ?!?! And, I must say , I noticed a distinct similarity to my fabric buying MO (method of operation) ---- that being, absolutely no control what-so -ever and also delusions of grandeur . I was picking out plants , shrubs and flowers according to color and texture (sound familiar? ) -- and as an after- thought, I checked to see if the poor things needed full sun, shade or whatever ( George, aka my Dad, has drilled that into my gardening-challenged head). So, anyhow, Matt and I loaded up the car and headed home (and believe me, Matt was not loving it -- I mean how totally uncool to be driving your mother in "the Golden Bullet" stuffed full with plants hanging out of all the windows! -- I caught more than one sigh and eye-roll.) When we got home and unloaded the car, it suddenly dawned on me that this is where the similarity to my fabric buying sprees ends ....... unlike all that lovely , pretty fabric that I have squirreled away in my sewing room to be used at some future, probably mythical date, all those lovely, pretty plants, shrubs, and flowers have to be dealt with RIGHT AWAY !!! Like SOON -- before they bite the dust !!!!! Like, I can't procrastinate and piddle around and dream about how lovely it will all be someday.......I need to get this stuff planted pretty darn soon !!!!! HOW THE HECK AM I GONNA DO ALL THAT ?!?! WHOSE DUMB IDEA WAS IT TO LET ME LOOSE IN LOWE'S GARDENING DEPT WITH MY HUSBAND'S CREDIT CARD ??!! HMMMMM????SURELY I CAN'T TAKE THE BLAME FOR THIS ! Just like in a quilt shop, I was blinded, BLINDED I TELL YOU by all the pretty stuff !!!!! and what I know about gardening you could fit in a thimble !!!! HELP !!!!!!!My husband is gonna have a royal canary if I don't come up with a plan for where to plant all this stuff before it all shrivels up and dies !!! So, guess what I'll be doing over the next week (and in his defense, what's his name, aka my husband Dave fully intends to do alot of the digging and planting AFTER I decide where the heck everything goes -- well, we'll see how long his patience lasts!) .

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Darlene said...

Plants, plants - they're everywhere, they're everywhere!

The Golden Bullet - too funny!

Revka said...

Love the plants. I get this way, too - great big ideas become rather too much when it comes time to actually implement them! Good luck. :)

OldBagNewTricks said...

Ooooh, pretty plants.... oohhhh, who let you loose in Lowe's garden department with your husband's credit card... I have a warning label on my forehead -- nobody would dream of letting me loose!!! Now your garden is going to be so gay and cheery. We get pictures, right?