Sunday, July 1, 2007

Shadow takes over for Daisy (Sam's on deck)

Well, Daisy's "project laying on" shift was over, so Shadow took over. As you can see, Sam(lounging on the bed) is on deck for the following shift.

Meanwhile, my mind started wandering to the thoughts of cherry pie !!! (specifically, could I draw it AND, next, could I bake it?) Well, not sure about either -- there's my 'ol college try at drawing a patriotic piece of cherry pie -- now, I've got the itch to buy the ingredients to make one while I'm at the grocery store today. I already know I'll be cheating as far as the crust goes -- (I'm not a good pie crust maker -- ) I'll probably buy the Pillsbury premade crusts that you find in the dairy section of the grocery store. OR, I was thinking about trying to make a cherry cobbler -- I have a Weight Watcher recipe for peach cobbler , so MAYBE that'll be my next kitchen experiment! Hmmmmm............

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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OldBagNewTricks said...

Oh NOooo, Miss Mare -- will the 4th of July project be sunk? Is there a Mouse in the House to save the day? Can Sam be bribed from his task with a bit of catnip? Tune in tomorrow -- same Cat Time -- same Cat Blog!

We'll be waiting... nice cherry pie by the way -- not so nice ant. I got rid of mine in one day! It's a miracle.