Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hometown Farmers' Market

Yesterday I went to the Hometown Farmer's Market. (the name of the town is actually Hometown -- this is where I grew up -- Hometown, Pa -- a "suburb" of Tamaqua , Pa -- HA! now you know how big it ISN'T !) Anyhow, the Hometown Farmer's Market has been there, every Wednesday for as long as I can remember. I used to go there with my Mom when I was a kid. She used to buy peaches and strawberries to make jam , or cucumbers to make pickles. Back then, we, the locals , all called the Farmers' Market the Auction. I don't know why -- I don't ever remember seeing an auction going on when I was there, but I guess before my time it may have started out as an auction. Anyhow, over the years it has expanded from the one indoor building and surrounding stalls, to a 2nd building (which used to be the bowling alley where we'd go in the winter when we were kids ) and a ton of outdoor stalls. Nowadays, there are alot of vendors with t-shirts, socks, purses, and that kind of stuff. BUT, happily, there still are many vendors with fresh produce AND homemade baked goods (alot of Pa Dutch baked goods like shoo-fly pie ).

Now, I wish I was industrious enough like my mother was and go to the Farmers' Market to buy peaches and strawberries, and cucumbers to make homemade jam and pickles -- BUT, right now, I'm not --- I'd like to be -- maybe one of these days I'll ask my mother to teach me how to make that stuff -- but right now, I buy jams and homemade pickles at a local shop in town called "the Country Cottage" .(Lori, the shop owner and Pickle Lady, as my kids call her, makes the absolute BEST stuff -- and she's a regular at the Wednesday Hometown Farmers' Mkt where she buys all her produce to make all that good stuff -- Then she goes back to her shop where she has a kitchen in the back and cooks up all her produce into wonderful goodies -- her shop smells heavenly !-- so, if Lori's making that good homemade stuff, I'll save myself and my kitchen the huge mess I'm sure I'd be making , and I'll buy it from Lori at "the Country Cottage"! -- she doesn't have a website, otherwise I'd post it here for you -- I'll take a picture of her VERY cute shop one of these days and post it for you -- it's on Race St in Jim Thorpe -- go visit if you're in the area.)

Anyhow, there's a picture of what I did end up buying at the Farmers' Market yesterday (last picture). I couldn't resist those pretty Black Eyed Susans -- some local peaches, zucchini and tomatoes. I think I'll make a peach cobbler and some zucchini bread , and I think I'll have one of those tomatoes for lunch today stuffed with some tuna salad ---- ooohhhhh , my mouth is watering!

Before I zoom out of here to work for the day, let me tell you quickly about those quilts in the last picture. There are 2 quilts (I just kind of bunched them up for the picture). My mother - in - law gave me these pretty little quilts a few years ago. She found them in one of the New Jersey shore houses my father -in - law owned over the years. They're what I think are called summer quilts -- there's no batting , just the quilt top and the backing. These 2 quilts are very narrow with a muslin dust ruffle attached to 3 sides . Maybe they were used on a cot (like a camping type cot) or maybe for a crib. I'm not sure how old they are, but the fabrics look like they could be feedsacks from the 1930's or 1940's.

Well, gotta zoom to work to make some $ (DARN -- that really cuts into my play time of sewing, baking , gardening, etc. BUT, I guess I better make some $ to help pay for that fabric buying habit I seem to have!!!)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Joanna from Fresh Figs said...

beautiful farmers market shot!
Okay, I have to ask... how did you get music to play while on your blog? I'm technically challenged and thought that was soo cool.


lgstarr said...

This, however, is not quite as cool :)

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Nan said...

I love the story of your childhood - isn't it wonderful that the Market is still there? I have never had the pleasure(?) of canning, but my aunt used to preserve all sorts of fruits and veggies, and my mom and I got a share of the bounty every year. If I ever get to your neck of the woods, I will definitely look up the Pickle Lady!
Love the "summer" quilts - they are very pretty. You have a gem of a mother-in-law!
Have a wonderful weekend, Mare!!

Vallen said...

I'm so glad that the tradition of farmer's markets continues. we have a few to choose from and every one of them is a delight. MMMmmmmm, peach cobbler sounds lovely.