Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Late night sewin' in my pj's

I've always been a night owl -- I usually can get more accomplished after 11PM when everybody else is in bed (including the fur babies, Sam, Shadow , and Daisy) -- and, unfortunately, I usually have to stay up to do LAUNDRY - (I'm usually informed at 10 PM that there are no clean gym shorts, or socks, or boxers, etc --so while everybody heads off to bed for their full 8 hours, all tucked in and cozy, I'm sorting the dingy , stinky socks , etc) -- ANYHOW, as I said, I can get stuff DONE late at night -- so tonight I made myself another cup of tea, got my second wind, put another load in the washer, and sat down at my sewing machine to attempt to make some progress on that dang 4th of July project I've been talking about -- and it's not a complicated project or anything -- just haven't had enough cooperation around here to get very far on it! Also decided to do some toenail polishin' along with the sewin' in my pj's -- nothing like multi tasking, I guess (except I did manage to run into the edge of my storage cart with my little toe and the one next to it and messed up those 2 toenails -- had to do them over -- guess I'm either tired or trying to do too much at once!) OH -- check out those spiffy , patriotic flip flops !!-- my sister found them at Target last July and bought me a pair. (she knows I do love a jazzy , pizzazy pair of flip flops !)

Well, my toenails are dry -- I guess I'll hit the sack. Maybe I'll get back to the sewing tomorrow (actually it would be later today since it's 2:45 AM !!! YIKES !)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Georgia Peachez said...

Hi Mary Anne, enjoyed your post. Love your snazzy PJ's. I get my best work done at night too. Good thing I need less and less sleep as I get older! xo, suzy

Darlene said...

I understand the "second wind" thing. I used to get so much sewing done after 10pm - my DH worked 3rd shift so I'd stay up and sew, clean the kitchen, laundry, run the vacuum, etc. You get the idea. LOL

I'm glad the fur babies were sleeping so you could work on your patriotic project - I'm anxious to see what you're doing! ;-)

Nan said...

Hello Ms. Mare!
I have just discovered your blog, and I must say you are a kindred spirit! I LOVE to sit at my beloved sewing machine in the wee hours of the night. It's so peaceful, just the sweet hum of the machine. Nothing better, is there?
Love the jammies - tres chic sewing garb!

Sarah and Jack said...

Those are some pretty cute pj's!