Thursday, July 19, 2007

Garland instructions -- Grand Finale !!

Ready for the Garland Grand Finale ? OK -- here it is ! Tie a knot at each end of the rope. Now take the 2 remaining blue stars and tack one to each knot at the ends of the rope (picture #1).

Next you need to tack together a medium red star, an off white star and a blue star (one with the 2 red rick rack tails dangling from the legs of the blue star) to make 2 cascading star segments (see picture #3). I used the red pearl cotton to take just a few stitches at the "foot" of one star to attach it to the "head" of the next star.

Now it's time to attach the ties to the 3 big red stripe stars, and the 2 sets of cascading stars. Take a blue tie and fold it in half with wrong sides together. Place the fold at the tip of a star and just tack in place with a few stitches (I used the same red pearl cotton that I used to sew the buttons on with). (See picture #4). Now you can tie the 3 big stars and the 2 sets of cascading stars onto the rope and adjust the spacing however you want.

FINALLY -- take the 6 red ties and tie 3 on each end of the rope, above each blue star on either end of the rope (see picture #2) -- adjust spacing of the ties however you want.

. . . . and . . . TA DA !!!!! You're all DONE !!!!! I hope you enjoyed this project and it wasn't too confusing to follow (let me know if it was and I'll try my best to clear up the mud !) Happy sewing!

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Nan said...

Mare! Your pictures and instructions are so very nice!
Thank you once again for sharing! I think we should sew together, don't you? LOL! We could make some Christmas stars!
xo, Nan

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Mary ann, Love the garland. OMG I have got to give that a try. It's just the cutest thing. Thanks for sharing with us.

Nan, Christmas stars would be great. Ooohhhh