Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy 17th Birthday , Matt !!!

This is Matt's idea of the perfect birthday -- racing his dirt bike -- so, that's how we spent his birthday/Father's Day today-- at a very hot and dusty dirt bike track (where both Matt and Evan raced.) There were quite a few delays today (the race was supposed to start at 1:00, but due to delays, it didn't start until 3:00). To try and keep cool, some of the riders had big , red and white striped, or black and white striped racing logo umbrellas to stand under for some shade - - - well, I didn't have one of those, but it was so hot that Evan wasn't above using my pink/purple paisley number I keep in the car for emergencies! Anyhow, to round out Matt's perfect birthday -- he came in 4th in his race -- the BEST he's ever done!! YEAH Matt !!!

Well, I'm pooped and covered with an unbelievable amount of dust -- I can't wait to take a shower and go to bed !

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Happy Zombie said...

What a great sport your son is to pose with the "parasol"! I love it! And congrats to him for doing his best ever!