Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Breakfast Club

We have a variety of friends who drop by on a fairly regular basis for breakfast. This tree and bird feeder are in our back yard -- I can see all of these critters from my kitchen window while I'm getting my cup of tea. That deer surprised me yesterday -- because this one has ANTLERS !!! We've had his sisters/mother/girlfriend in the yard, but NOT a buck with antlers !!! We have a nice variety of birds , including 2 big fat wild turkeys (who were rude enough to waddle away FAST when I made too much noise trying to take their picture). Then we have the entire squirrel population of Jim Thorpe dropping in to hog all of the bird seed (look at that one hanging by his toenails to get at the bird seed -- now that's determination!! I've been known to go to the same great lengths over chocolate chip cookies or a hot fudge sundae.) Our other distinguished guests include a bear or 2 and their cubs -- they usually just rip the entire bird feeder down out of the tree and lay down like a big dog with a bone and chow down -- they don't share with ANYBODY (and I'm not about to argue with them!) -- (sorry , I don't have a picture - they're usually midnight snackers. They also enjoy tearing through the garbage cans and dragging the garbage all over the yard and driveway --- Now I know how that park ranger felt when Yogi and Boo Boo kept stealing the pic -a - nic baskets !) Well, time to go fill up the bird feeder again !

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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