Thursday, June 28, 2007

Betsy Ross shows who's BOSS ! ! !

This article was in our local paper, The Times News, last July. It's about Betsy Ross making the first U.S. flag. According to the article, Betsy was approached by a committee , which included George Washington, to sew a flag for "the fledgling republic". Supposedly, the first sketch was given to Betsy Ross by George himself. It had 13 stripes, 7 red and 6 white and a circle of 13 SIX pointed stars. Well, our Betsy looked at the SIX pointed stars and asked why the stars couldn't be FIVE pointed. The committee protested that it was too hard to make FIVE pointed stars - - so............ faster than a speeding bullet Betsy WHIPS out a piece of paper and her trusty scissors, and with a few well placed folds and a single snip of her scissors, produces - - yes, gentlemen of the committee -- a PERFECT, SYMMETRICAL FIVE ( count 'em) FIVE POINTED STAR ! George and the rest of the committee were so impressed that they agreed to Betsy's suggestion to use 5-pointed stars for the flag -- - and , with that, Betsy blew the smoke off the tips of her scissors , said "see ya later, boys" and strutted off into the sunset . Way to go Betsy !!!

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Lena said...

Thanks for sharing this! So interesting to read the story, and I really appreciate having the instructions!
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