Saturday, June 16, 2007

Aunt Irma's Peanut Butter Icing

Tomorrow is kid #1 (Matt's) 17th birthday (yup -- 17 years ago my husband got a baby boy for his very first Father's Day present -- do I deliver or what !?!). Anyhow, the kid has requested chocolate cake with peanut butter icing -- so, I looked through my recipe box and found my Aunt Irma's recipe. (Aunt Irma and Uncle Tom have a little cabin with alot of land /woods and a little lake. When we were kids, we spent many, many Sundays there slopping around in the mud, chasing ducks, catching frogs, being eaten alive by mosquitoes , rowing the boat out to the little island, doing cannonballs off of the little floating dock and always having a piece of Aunt Irma's chocolate cake with peanut butter icing for dessert .)

As you can see from the 2nd picture , the birthday boy tried to snatch a cupcake before I had a chance to get the icing on (I decided to make cupcakes instead of a cake since the birthday boy also wants to spend the day racing his dirt bike in a race that's about a 3 and a half hour drive from our house --so, I figured cupcakes would be easier to transport AND easier to handle at a dusty , noisy dirt bike track).

Here's the recipe (this is not low fat or Weight Watcher friendly, but if you can stop at just 1 cupcake, I think Weight Watcher's would approve!)

Aunt Irma's Peanut Butter Icing

1 pound confectioner's sugar
1/4 cup softened butter or shortening
1 tsp vanilla
milk (enough to make the icing spreadable -- about 4 or 5 Tbsp)
1/4 cup peanut butter (or more)

Mix all ingredients together with mixer until smooth and spreadable.


Oh -- yea -- (last picture)--Elsie (my sewing machine) and I had a little bit of time to work on my niece Maura's quilt today -- with the supervision of Daisy (kitty) , of course! (her job is to test the quilt for comfort and coziness -- I guess the quilt passes the test since Daisy is looking pretty content!)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


OldBagNewTricks said...

I've never been a chocolate cake fan -- clearly I am not quite right -- but the peanut butter and chocolate aspect is intriguing. And Aunt Irma and Uncle Tom's sounds like my kinda place. How is it you were so smart to collect and keep these family recipes -- most of us don't think to do this till it is too late.


Vallen said...

Peanut butter icing sounds too good to be true. I have a ton of bananas in the fridge - maybe an Elvis Presley cake; banana cake, marshmallow filling and peanut butter frosting. Ouch, makes my teeth hurt but what a great idea. Thanks!!!

Happy Zombie said...

I got so excited when I saw your Elsie! I have the exact machine. I love Elna's (I have two now) and it seems *everyone* has a Bernina these days. How fun to see I'm not alone!

LOVE that quilt you're working on and want to see more! I do hope you give us a bigger peek later on. :o)