Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We're having frozen turkey for dinner ..... (I need a vacation, or maybe just a decent night's sleep!)

Kid #2 (Evan) just asked me "what's for dinner,mom?" As I was doing 2 other things , and thinking about 3 additional things, I absent mindedly answered "frozen turkey". He looked a little confused and asked me again, and again I answered "frozen turkey". This time he asked " how are we gonna eat it if it's frozen?" -- then we both started laughing as I made the brilliant statement that I guess we should cook it first ! (I know, I have Martha Stewart shaking in her boots -- no, I guess not -- I think Martha's title as domestic goddess is safe for now!) I think some of that mud from the dirt bike track has clogged my brain (and my drain -- I think I'm finally on the last couple of loads of dirt bike race laundry).

Speaking of my brain going in too many directions at once and not focusing on one thing at a time, I put together these 2 piles of fabric for 2 new ideas (this is what happened when my mind wandered off while I was doing more hand blanket stitching around letter #2 on my niece Maura's quilt). Anyway, doesn't the pile of fabric with the 1950's kitchen fabric,pink polka dots and black polka dots just scream "apron" -- like the kind Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz would wear? With the other pile of fabrics I was thinking of making a wall hanging with some applique, some piecing and some embroidery on it. So..... I'll now add these 2 new piles/ideas to the other accumulated piles of fabric/ideas occupying all flat surfaces in the very pink sewing room!(at the same time, my kids will be adding more piles of muddy clothes to every flat surface in the laundry room!)

Mary Anne (aka Mare) (P.S. I"m still in the learning phase with this blogging thing -- right now I'm trying to figure out how to rearrange these pictures -- the laundry picture goes at the top, then the picture with the blanket stitching on the "F" is second, then the 1950's picture is 3rd, then the yellow and blue fabric pile goes last -- I'm telling you all this because "tech support" is out in the garage tinkering with their dirt bikes and aren't available to help me learn how to "click and drag" -- which I swear I'm doing right .... so ,anyhow, in case the pictures don't wind up where they're supposed to be, just use your imagination!!! THANKS !)


Busy Little Quilter said...

Mary Anne (or may I call you "Mare"),
I think we all have three or more things going on at the same time. My kids sometimes just laugh at me, too.

I love the fabric collections. Yes, the 50's fabric looks like Lucy and Ethel. You should post that picture of you and your sister when you went to the Lucy and Ethel celebration. That was too cute!

Amanda (aka Amanda in Ky on Pat's list)

Jenni said...

Hi Mare, blogger puts the photos in backwards, so if you think of it that way you have to put in the last photo first. You can drag and drop, but the cursor has to be a few rows down from the top of the photo for it to go down there. I always put the photos in first before I write anything, then move them around as I go. Good luck!