Wednesday, March 7, 2007

... and ANOTHER snow day....

Well, it's been snowing lightly since early this morning, along with very cold temperatures , so.... the kids had yet another snow day.... yippee... and since my "little" darlings were laying around watching T.V. this morning and looking bored, I asked kid #1 if he could spare some time to help me figure out how to post pictures on this blog. I must say, he did come over to the computer and briefly looked over the "how to" section on posting pictures, and said "I don't know h0w to do that" and that was that...... hmmmm... Okee Dokey .... I guess I'm on my own -- unless of course I ask him again and offer cash... that might work.

Well, back to work -- I've got to finish up some paperwork, make a call or 2, then get on the treadmill ( I can't wait until the weather is a little warmer -- I'd much rather walk outside ).

Maybe, just maybe I'll get some sewing time later tonight -- maybe fuse the letters on my niece's quilt (she picked out sayings that go all around the border of the quilt) -- while I watch American Idol (yes, I have to admit I got into it this year -- I didn't get to watch last night so I don't know how the guys did. Tonight is the girls' turn .)

OK -- enough procrastination (my middle name!) -- back to work!

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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