Sunday, March 11, 2007

Knee deep in mud -- dirt bike racing season starts

Hi gang!

Well, today was spent knee deep in mud (shoe-sucking, quick sand mud!) Today was opening day for my kids' dirt bike racing season. There was mud, mud, MUD ,MUD EVERYWHERE -- I'm still picking it out of my hair, my nostrils, and my teeth! You couldn't walk anywhere without your shoes getting stuck ! At least both kids raced in the same race -- a 2 hour long race involving alot of engine revving, exhaust inhaling, and flying MUD , MUD, MUD ! I had my camera with me, but wouldn't ya know my battery pooped out . So, I'm posting a couple of pictures from the last race from last fall (same track, same exhaust, same noise, same kid, different day) . Only kid #1 raced last fall -- today was kid #2's very first race -- and he actually placed in the top 8 !! -- got a trophy !! Kid #1 had some bike trouble , which involved flying over the handlebars and then the front brakes weren't working or something -- they know to keep me blissfully unaware of the details so I don't end up in the looney bin -- so , anyhow, he didn't finish in the top 8 -- and he says that's OK since he has plenty of chances to place this season -- apparantly it's a LLOOONNNGGG season -- yippee...... (anyhow, these pictures are of Matt, kid #1 -- note the pink mohawk on his helmet -- this is so we can spot him among the zillions of other mud caked dirt bike riders in the races. He and his buddy and now kid #2 (Evan) have formed "Pink Mohawk Racing Team" -- they even have sponsors -- which they did all on their own! -- too bad they arent' as resourceful when it comes to their homework!)

Soooooo, since I'm such a good sport (sort of) about standing around in mud, gas fumes and engine noise for 2 plus hours, I now feel justified in the purchases I made last week (which made their way into the house under cover of darkness, disguised as groceries) -- those purchases being exhibit A) a mouthwatering array of fabric , and exhibit B) an equally mouthwatering array of yarn and a pack of crochet hooks, and a couple of pattern books for knitting and crocheting. I haven't done any crocheting or knitting for years, but got the itch again after seeing the granny square afghan that posie did (go check it out on her blog -- I LOVE it !) . Now, I don't know when the heck I'll get around to crocheting an afghan, but that's OK -- I've added that to my long list of brilliant plans. Along with the afghan, this week's delusions of grandeur include, but are not limited to finishing the hand blanket stitching around the 50 letters making up the saying going around the borders of my niece's quilt (started this quilt for her 1st Communion, which was 4 years ago), coming up with the perfect low fat version of lemon squares, and splitting the atom. ( I think I can also squeeze in a session with the leaders of the free world to settle that world peace issue .) Anyhow, for my next trick I will attempt to post 2 more pictures -- where they'll turn up , nobody knows (pictures are of exhibit A -- the fabric, and exhibit B -- the yarn.) Wish me luck!


Mary Anne (Mare)


Busy Little Quilter said...

Mare (Is it okay that I call you that? Afterall, I feel like you are a friend from Pat's list. :) )

I love the pink mohawk on the helmet! Pink and brown(mud) go well together. I love the fabrics. Are you fabric stashing, or do you have an idea for them?

Amanda H. (amanda in KY)

laura west kong said...

LOVE the fabric! Who makes it and where can I find some? :-)

Mary Anne said...

Hi "Diva",

I got all the fabrics at Joann's Fabrics.

Mary Anne

Mary Anne said...

Hi Amanda,

Of course it's OK for you to call me Mare !

Re: the fabrics -- no ideas yet -- just adding to the stash.

Mary Anne

Jenni said...

I have that pink stripe too, I just used some in a quilt. I can identify with your delusions of grandeur - I call it another entry in the "how hard can it be?" files. Answer: HARD.
Man your sewing room is PINK - how do you work in that environment? I would never get anything done with the allure of fabric so close by.