Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Spring !!! Garlands Galore !!

Happy Spring !! (Now the weather has to catch up with the calender ! -- it was 18 degrees this morning at the bus stop -- this afternoon it went all the way up to 43 !!) I'd love to see if my daffodils are starting to come up in the front yard, but first I'd have to dig through a few inches of snow!

That "Feather Your Nest " picture is so cute and springy !-- it's the latest catalog from Gooseberry Patch . They have the best stuff -- cute aprons, quilts, and lots of vintage looking kitchen stuff (mixing bowls, etc) Here's the website if you want to take a peek. .

Now that i'ts spring, it's time for me to take down my winter mitten garland and put up my spring/summer flower, bead and button garland. (these hang in my window in the pink sewing room, but the lighting wasn't good for a picture there this morning, so I stuck them up on the back of the bedroom door -- and you thought it was strung across there as a booby trap for any kid who dared open the door!) Anyhow, I made these garlands a few years ago (I just kind of made them up as I went along -- I also have a fall garland -- fabric leaves and dangling beads and buttons, and also a valentine heart garland.) Now , just when I thought I was the only odd ball obsessed with making garlands, I happened to read Heather Bailey's blog yesterday and she also made a garland ! AND, she posted a site for a garland group !!! (Ga Ga for Garlands ! ) -- who would have thought ?! Anyhow, (since I can't figure out how to do links in a post -- sorry -- just look to the right , on the sidebar -- over there -- do you see it? and click on Heather Bailey and her blog should come up. Then click on Ga Ga Garlands (or , here, try this . (Sorry -- please excuse my computer ineptness! -- tech support went out for wings with his buddies -- now to see if I can get these pictures arranged the way I want them !! SHEESH !!)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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