Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day !!

Hi everybody out in blogger land -- hope you had a good St Patrick's Day ! I've been away yesterday and today -- my dad had surgery -- a total knee replacement (yesterday). I'm happy to say his surgery went well and he started with physical therapy today . Now , wouldn't ya know, after a balmy 70 degree day this past Wednesday, the day of his surgery (Friday ) was a BLIZZARD !!! The roads were so slippery by Friday afternoon there was no way we could drive the hour home -- so, my sister, mother and I spent the night at a Comfort Suites hotel (compliments of our brother who lives in Florida. My sister and I are planning to go to the quilt show in Lancaster, Pa in a few weeks -- we're thinking maybe brother dear would want to finance that hotel stay too, plus dinner ?????? I guess we can pay our own admission into the quilt show..... Ha !)

Anyway, to pass the time in the waiting room during dad's surgery, then later that night in our hotel room, I worked on a couple of projects. I got 2 1/2 more letters blanket stitched on my niece Maura's quilt (only 48 1/2 more to go !)
And I spent some time refreshing my memory on how to crochet granny squares (I had to keep going back to look up what the abbreviations were -- but , after ripping out my granny square at least 3 times, I think I've got it ---(but don't look too closely or you'll see all of the boo boos ) -- (and I need to start another project like I need a hole in the head, but it keeps me entertained!)

We also did a little shopping (of course) this morning, (we had an hour to kill while waiting for visiting hours to start at the hospital) -- Sooooo, I just happened to know where there was a fabric store (isn't that amazing!) -- and some cute fabric jumped into a bag and that bag of fabric latched onto my arm and demanded to come home with me -- so it wasn't my fault -- that fabric was so darn pushy !! THEN, while making our way back towards the hospital what do you think we saw looming on the horizon? a TARGET store !!!! Sooooo, needing to use the bathroom as an excuse to stop there, -- we stopped there! I got the cutest blue gardening clogs you ever did see !!! (little butterfly cutouts on the top ) I figure these wonderfully plastic, hose off the mud gardening clogs will also come in handy for throwing on really fast as I spot the garbage truck coming down the road earlier than I planned , and I have to throw something on my feet as I scream to the garbage guys to "PLEASE WAIT" as I drag my garbage cans down our gravel driveway in my jammies (and, no my hair doesn't look good) -- I'm sure I keep those garbage guys entertained! Now, I'd try and post a picture of the fabric and gardening clogs I scored today, but tech support went to bed (kid #1 and kid #2) -- and I don't want to push my luck with the pictures I already posted -- so I'll try to bribe the little darlings to help me with that tomorrow.

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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