Monday, March 5, 2007

Well, here goes.....

Well, here goes..... I'm jumping in .... and I don't have a clue what I'm doing!! I'm giving this blogger - thing a spin. I'm going to use this blog as a way to keep motivated and make progress with sewing/quilting/designing projects -- and also with my weight maintenance/fitness goals, -- AND the occasional Weight Watcher friendly recipe --- AND the occasional great book that I can't put down -- AND whatever else might crop up!

About the title of my blog "Moonbeams in jar" -- it's from an old song that was in the movie "How to Make an American Quilt" -- "....would you like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar.." I seem to be drawn to that era -- it seems like a much more laid back time -- a heck of alot less hectic than the times we're all running around in (I'm usually running faster and faster and getting more and more behind!)

So, anyhow .... testing, testing 1,2,3 .... is this thing on?

I guess I'll figure this out as I go --- and with the help of my "tech support" (that would be my 16 year old son and 14 year old son -- that is when they can squeeze me into their schedules AND aren't too disgusted with their slow learner mother!)

Well, that's it -- until the next time I feel brave enough to try another post!


Mary Anne (aka Mare to my friends and family)

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Busy Little Quilter said...

Mary Ann!!! I LOVE your blog. That doesn't surprise me since I love "talking" to you and reading your posts on Pat Sloan's list. You always make me laugh out loud. Just so you know...I have spent the past 3 hours looking at the blogs you have listed as places you like to visit. What fun!

(Amanda in KY on Pat's list)