Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Welcome to the Very Pink Sewing Room ! Come on in !!!

This is where "it all happens ".... this is my little oasis ... this is the only place in the house where pink is allowed ... so , as you can see PINK it is !!! as in Pepto Bismol pink !!!! This is my domain (well, me and the 3 kids with 4 paws and a tail -- that would be Sam, Shadow and Daisy-- the kitties). Now, I know "the very pink sewing room" looks a bit cluttered BUT it's really organized chaos -- sort of ... I think..... Anyhow, I would like to say that I spend many, many blissful hours drawing and sewing in there -- but the reality of the situation is I have to spend way too much of my time sitting at that desk on the right doing tons, and tons of paperwork for my job . (oh, I do get to leave my desk to take a break and do laundry -- I know, I know, the glamour continues). Oh well, maybe one day it'll be reversed ? I can only hope ! (at least I get to spend the occasional hour or 2 here and there working on sewing projects.) Speaking of which, I did get to take a couple of blanket stitches on my niece Maura's quilt today (see! I'm almost finished the "F" --- only 52 more letters to go !!!!)

Toodles !

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Darlene said...

Love your VERY PINK SEWING ROOM - it's definitely an Oasis!

Karen said...

Love the Blog it is so you !! Looked like I caught a glimpse of Maura's quilt. Looks great !! She will love it.
Want to see you post a pic of the infamous "Miss Guys Flowers" sash from the bicentenial princess contest. That is my request
Love Boop

OldBagNewTricks said...

The second I saw your PINK workroom, my insides skipped an envious little beat. That is precisely what I need -- a pink work room -- that would make all the difference.


pedalpower said...

ooo lala! I'm turning green with envy over your pink and huge! sewing room. I found you through the bliss forum.

Anonymous said...

oh my~ That is one AWESOME workroom~ and aren't htose the best words~ 'my workroom'