Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just under the WIRE !!!!!!!

Yep, here at MBIAJ we live on the edge .... work best under pressure, procrastinate till the cows come home, squeak through by the skin of our teeth ......you get the picture ..... and, as they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree .... soooooooo, it is with my GREAT relief that I announce the COMPLETION of the GRADUATION PROJECT !!!! (at least the research paper portion ..... ) and completed none too soon (as in final copy printed out tonight at 10:30 PM ..... ) to be handed in tomorrow , the due date , at 7:30 AM. ......PHEW !!!!!(Matt has only known about this Pa State graduation requirement for the past THREE YEARS !!!!..... so getting it finished HOURS before it's due has taken it's toll on my homework nagging skills .... I'm pooped , drained, worn out !! So, concerned aunts, uncles, and grandparents of Matt's you are now free to go buy those graduation cards (hmmmm....but maybe hold off another week till we see how the oral presentation portion of the project goes next Tuesday .....) ANYHOW ..... here's Matt holding his ticket out of high school (that is , along with passing grades .... which, so far, so good on that count!)

......anyhow, like I said, I'm POOPED, so I'm gonna hit the hay (even though I have more to blab about .... I know ..... what a surprise .... stuff about aprons, bathing caps and a certain quilt shop .... ooooooohhhh SUSPENSE !!! .... well, actually, not ..... just too deleriously tired to think straight anymore tonight!) So, maybe after some sleep and then a tanker truck load of caffeine tomorrow morning I'll be able to get back to you all on those hot topics! (not to mention American Idol! .... who will get the boot tomorrow night?!?)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


susan said...

yeah...the paper is done...yeah
i work best under pressure but in truth i am not so sure. i mean i get alot done but lately i am thinking maybe i would get just as much done or more if i did it in a more timely manner. i know this old bod wouldnt ache as much :-) happy dreams

Tipper said...

Love it! I have 2 "wait till the last minute kids". I'm glad he got it finished. Our high school has the "senior exit" project too. It's almost like "let me punish you a little more since you're about to leave". Homework-I don't like it!!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Whoa...We don't have anything like that in NJ. I guess they are just happy to see our kids out the door (lol). We have middle daughter graduating in June, and this mama could not be more proud. Now her older sister.....don't get me started. What are his big plans after graduation? Susan

Miss Kelly said...

Mare....been reading your post every week. They are so funny! I finally just fiqured out how to log back in, and now carry my password in by purse to have at all times! I wanted to mention to you a funny story..

I was hired by APQS as a dealer to sell Long Arm Machines and was talking back and forth with my new boss....we'll call her Heidi. While working in the booth with the other APQS girls in Lancaster, where Heidi called us everyday to check in, I mentioned I thought it was strange that her name was so much like the Heidi who was the editor of AMERICAN PATCHWORK AND QUILTING.....are you going there? Kelly....you ding dong that is "THE" Heidi from APQ. So....Mare I noticed you have her on your blog page, but do you have her on speed dial on you cell phone? When I found out the girls called her and put her on speaker and made me talk to her.....well all I could think of was...How the heck can I get in Quilt Sampler Magazine? She told me to call anytime and she be glad to share with me. Yep....grown woman...peed my pants. LOL k.

Dandelion Quilts said...

Hey Mary Anne...I haven't forgotten about you and have in fact had your package ready to go since the weekend. I just have been having a crazy week. Think garage sale, swim lessons, eye doctor, work, house repair, etc. Uggh. I promise though that I will get it out soon...hang tight.