Sunday, April 13, 2008

Computer is on the BLINK !!! RATS!!!

Hi everybody out there in Blogland !!! I just wanted to let you all know that we're having TONS of computer problems at MBIAJ (Moonbeams in Jar). Right now I'm on the Big Cheese's computer at his office ..... he tried to fix the one at home and lets just say it got worse instead of better .... so now we're waiting on the computer fixer guy that he'll actually have to pay ...... ANYWAY, I'm sorry if anybody emailed me ..... cause that's not working either .... or at least I have no idea how to get my email from our home computer on this computer. Also, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS for all the fun comments that I can't answer right now since any second the BIg Cheese will probably come flying in here telling me he needs to use his computer .

SOooooooooo ..... I'll be back online as soon as possible !! (I think I'm actually going through computer/blog withdrawal!!! Seriously!!! ) So, maybe in the meantime, while I can't be piddling away tons of time on the computer, I'll actually make some progress on some sewing projects ..... I'm in the process of cutting out another apron and maybe a chef hat to match (one always needs a matching hat!! --- and I have a feeling that Kitty is gonna want a chef hat too.... SHEESH !!)

OK .... be back as soon as I can !!!!

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


susan said...

computers are so great and make our life so intersting but it just really stinks when they fail...everything comes to a grinding halt and withdrawl sets in...and this is progress?!! :-)

Tipper said...

Hope you get it fixed soon. I admit I would be in withdrawl too.

Cheryl said...

Oh, I feel your pain. We recently went thru some major computer trauma, it's still not working perfect but at least I am able to get on. The hardest part is missing the blogging! Hope yours is fixed soon.