Friday, April 11, 2008

Camp Moonbeams (Day two) Stitch & Hike/Sweat

(Note: before I get started with this post, just wanted to let all of you know that we're having lots of problems with our computer .... so I'm not sure if this post will show up , or if only half of it will, or if the pictures will be goofed up ..... AAARRRRRRGGGGG!!!!)

Camp Moonbeams (Day Two): Activities Dept Plan included sewing and walking.

OK ..... let me give you a little background info ...... The word "Beth" (not all "Beth's", but definately this particular pal of mine , Beth) and the word "sewing machine" have not to this point happily coexisted in the same sentence. Apparantly there was a Home Ec situation back in junior high or high school that left Beth and sewing machines mortal enemies.

ANYHOW, Beth, being the good mom that she is , wanted more for her daughter Jenny. (Jenny is currently in 8th grade and so far her school has not offered a sewing class.... and Beth is pretty sure she won't have sewing in high school , either .... not in the curriculum.) ....... so, Beth and Jenny came here to Camp Moonbeams with the sewing machine Beth recieved as a gift from her ever hopeful husband a couple of years ago. At the time of receiving the gift, Beth enthusiastically used the instruction booklet to help her wind the bobbin and thread the machine ..... and then she lost the instruction booklet leaving her wondering ..... "how do I wind another bobbin ..... how do I re - thread the machine ....." Anyhow, Beth and Jenny awakened on Day Two of Camp Moonbeams with their pre threaded sewing machine and their determintation to change the color of thread on that sewing machine and learn to sew something .
......and here they are !! That's Jenny sewing away like a pro and mama Beth waiting her turn to get at that
machine! They did a great job !! They worked on a pair of shorts for Jenny, and also learned to piece a 9-patch quilt block (and I can't believe I forgot to take pictures.... RATS!!) Anyhow, we sewed and sewed and sewed in our PJ's until Beth's eyes glazed over .... which was about 2:30 PM .... so we decided to take a break .... then the phone rang ..... guess who it was .....
"Hi everybody ! What are you doing today? I want to try out my new bathing cap .... let's take a nice walk down to the river ." (Kitty is the assistant to Camp Moonbeam's Activities Director ....but she's a bit head strong and just plows forward and expects everybody to be following her ..... Kitty, Kitty, Kitty ..... it's ALL about Kitty .... oh, sorry ...... ahem .....) OK, so we all decided to get out of our PJ's and go for a nice leisurely walk with Kitty .

KITTY!!! We thought you said LEISURELY walk !!!!

.....and here she is, that Kitty, showing off "King of the Hill!"
(look, she's already wearing her bathing cap .... she can't wait to get down to that river .... the Lehigh River ... and take a dip .... even though it's FREEZING out ..... she is SO headstrong!!) .......

UH OH !! KITTY !!! Watch what you're doing !!! You're rolling towards the cliff !!!
PHEW !!!! GOT HER !!! (see what we mean by HEAD STRONG !!! not to mention RECKLESS !!)

ANYWAY, after we all calmed down from Kitty's near plunge over the cliff, we continued on down to the river so her majesty, Kitty could take a dip in the freezing river just to try out her new bathing cap.
......UGH! Now she's freezing and decided she's going to drive back home ...... Kitty, we TOLD you it was too cold for a dip today but you didn't listen!

Anyhow, after her majesty, Kitty, left Beth, Jenny and I decided to continue with our "leisurely walk" and hike up the waterfall (Glen Onoko Falls) ..... well, not the ENTIRE waterfall, just about 1/4 the way up the falls..... and here's a picture of our Jersey Beach gals sitting near part of the Falls (because Beths' mom didn't believe her when she called her to listen to the rushing waterfall .... she kept saying that we were holding the phone next to a flushing toilet .... HA ! )

.....and as the sun sets over Glen Onoko Falls, and we head back to "camp" to go out for pizza and ice cream, so concludes another "interesting" day at Camp Moonbeams.

Mary Anne (aka Mare) ... and our campers, Beth and Jenny


Dandelion Quilts said...

Well, I am so glad your post uploaded with photos and all because it was most entertaining. Paricularly that part about the flushing toilet...that made me laugh. What beautiful pictures from your walk...especially the waterfall...very cool. THIS is by your house? You are lucky. Although we had torrental rain and hail this afternoon, followed by a possible tornado....and our house is surrounded by a moat! How medieval is that?? :)

Cheryl said...

Boy that Miss Kitty is a dare devil! The day looked like so much fun. Made me miss my daughter. Camp Moobeams is the place to be :-)!

jerseygirl said...

sure puts A LOT of pressure on a gal when the world wide web KNOWS that she NEEDS to finish a project. If this does not get me going nothing will. In the olden days one would just bring their project to a home ec teacher. Now I will be taking a picture of it for all the world to see. YIKES!!!So greatful to have you in my life. So blessed that we kept the connection so strong throughout the years. Love ya

susan said...

miss kitty...did you watch gun smoke as a kid? well, actually you do not look old enough...miss kitty was the, ah, gal who ran the saloon and brothel...we didnt know it at the time, being innocent kids an' all....i love kitty... she has "sisu" congrats on beth and her daughter for finally getting a relationship going with her sewing machine!

Dandelion Quilts said...

Mary Anne and Miss Kitty- you've been tagged at my blog. ;)

Doe said...

Gawd! you guys are having too much fun. I wish I could be there to join you.