Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Graduation Quilt Challenge (among other things....)

Well as you know here at MBIAJ we procrastinate to the Nth degree ..... why start today what you can put off until the last possible minute, we always say (our motto, as it were).... and, as you saw from my post last night, Kid #1 has held up that tradition with his stellar last minute performance of getting his Pa State required Graduation Project finished with just hours to spare !!!!!WELL DONE MATT!! NOW the ball is in my court .... I told him I was NOT going to START his Graduation Quilt unitl he finished his Graduation Project ..... (not that that threat bothered him in the least .... he knows my track record with finishing quilts anywhere NEAR their event deadline .... he wanted to know WHICH graduation this quilt would be for ....., HA HA....) Sooooo, anyhow, at least I bought the fabric and decided on the pattern a few months ago ..... here it is (do you think I'll finish this by June 6th? .... don't answer that .....)
....anyhow, I decided to make "The Lasagne Quilt" (it's pictured there in bright pinks, oranges and greens, etc .... not quite Matt's color scheme ) ... he requested red, white , and blue (which happen to be his high school's colors ... although I don't think THAT was the reason he wanted red, white, and blue .... I'm guessing some pro dirtbike rider uses those colors .... or maybe he just likes red, white, and blue ... ) ANYWAY, knowing this quilt would be started AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE (my usual M.O.) I picked that Lasagne Quilt pattern because theoretically, if all the stars align, it's SIMPLE and SHOULD go together FAST !!! Anybody taking bets ???

So, speaking of unfinished projects (are there any other kind?), I'm still trying to find a few minutes here and there to finish up that apron I was working on (the cherry fabric apron from 2 posts back) .... I want to finish the matching chef hat , too (the perfect fashion statement , in my opinion, to detract attention away from a lousy meal thrown together at the last minute......) Anyhow, this is the pattern I use .... it's probably at least 10 years old....

... it's a good basic pattern .... I'm making the half apron but added a contrasting fabric at the hem and I'm changing the pockets a little .... you'll see ..... hopefully before the end of the decade ....

....oh, and here's a new "retro" apron pattern I just bought this past weekend ...
...... I think it's really SWELL !!!!! Can't wait to make one of the full length versions ....I'll be looking like Aunt Bea!!!!(but of course I wouldn't DREAM of starting another apron until the Graduation Quilt is finished .....AHEM !!) OH! and I actually got my disorganized self to be organized long enough to post my apron pictures on my Apronista page (you can click on my "Apronista" button/badge over there, on the right sidebar just under the music playing thing ....) there are a few aprons I've made, one I inherited from my Grandmother, and a few I've bought at a local vintage clothing shop.)

Well, I'd love to get another cup of tea and sit and yak with you all a bit longer, but unfortunately I've got to get to work..... then HOPEFULLY squeeze in a sliver of sewing so I can FINISH THAT APRON , etc !!!

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Vallen said...

Oh, you? yeah you can totally meet that deadline, I have no doubt!!!