Saturday, October 20, 2007

This is absolutely my FAVORITE season !!!!

(Before you read this big, long winded post, scroll all the way down and click on my earlier post from this morning -- you don't want to miss that cute guy !)

I just LOVE autumn ! It is definately and absolutely my favorite season. I love everything about it. I love the colors, the textures, the crisp air, the fact that it's cool enough to need a jacket or sweater and not hot and humid (which makes me cranky), and it's not so cold that I need a heavy coat and my hands and toes are numb. Those first 2 pictures are the view from my front porch taken today (when, yes, I was supposed to be inside doing the dreaded left over paperwork .) .....and hydrangeas in the fall! don't you LOVE the way they turn from white to that pinkish, greenish around the edges! (I have to get out there and cut some off of the tree and dry them before they turn completely brown.)

OK -- so not doing what I'm supposed to be doing... as usual ... instead I'm piddling around taking pictures and drawing pictures .... again .... Anyhow, while standing on my porch admiring the fall foliage , I decided that the white chair sitting on the porch needed a splash of color, so I plopped that little pumpkin on the seat, and it's big sister on the floor next to it .... then I took a picture of it ....... then I drew a picture of it ..... (talk about piddling around !!!) (and talk about a deformed chair!!!the one I drew, that is ... not the real one).

OK, it gets worse! A few weeks ago while out taking a walk, I picked up some acorns. I just think they're so cute -- they look like a little head with a hat on. So,these acorns are sitting in a pile on my desk and when I'm sitting there attempting to concentrate on the dreaded paperwork, I end up looking at the cute acorns.... which reminded me of a craft book I bought about a year ago ..... which led me to look for it and look through it. The name of the book is "Felt Wee Folk" by Salley Mavor (check out her cute acorn people on her website !!). One of my favorite pages/scenes in her book is that one I took a picture of with the pumpkin houses --- don't you just want to live in that little world ?!? (.... and, yes, for cryin' out loud, I had to sit and try and draw a picture of it .....)

Well, since I spent the day not accomplishing anything I was supposed to do, I better now go and accomplish something! (sometimes I'm my own worst enemy!)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Tracey in CT said...

The little pumpkin houses that you drew are SOOOO cute! They would make an adorable quilt!

Nan said...

I also love your pumpkin houses! They are so cute! Love all the photos and the other drawing. I think all your "piddling around" is a wonderful thing!

Nan said...
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Cheryl said...

I always get so lost in your photos - they are so beautiful, wish I could take pictures like you :-)! The pumpkin houses are amazing!

Laume said...

Autumn is my favorite too and I've seen and made those wee felt folk before. I want to make more of them. I should break down and buy the book.