Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fall Foliage Festival in Jim Thorpe

It was perfect fall weather for the annual Fall Foliage Festival here in Jim Thorpe, Pa. There were train rides to view the foliage (which is a bit behind schedule -- maybe due to the warm spell we had over the past couple of weeks -- there are some trees that have turned, especially up on the mountain, but here in town, it hasn't hit its' peak yet -- maybe by next weekend. Oh, wait ! There's one -- if you enlarge that first picture of the train station and look over to the right of the roof, you'll see a red tree -- everybody came to see that one red tree ! -- just kidding, there were other red trees, and yellow ones and orange ones, too). Anyway, it sure was feeling like fall -- you definately needed a sweater or a coat -- and some hot cider or hot chocolate to keep warm. There were craft vendors and food vendors in the park, a trolley available for tours of the town, and all of the shops were dressed for the occasion.

Well, gang, hope you all had a good "Fall-ish" weekend (hold that thought as the Monday morning, rude awakening blahs roll in .....)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Vallen said...

What an adorable town and a fun day. Sounds like the perfect fall celebration and everyone looked very into it, decorating up the stores and all. What a lovely tradition..

Cheryl said...

Oh, I want to come and visit. Being in California our change is coming very sloooooooooooowly!! My liquid ambers are not cooperating this year. Usually by now we have some color. Loved the pictures of the town!

Nan said...

I so want to come live in your town, or maybe come live with you? LOL!! Love all the pics - thank you for sharing!

OldBagNewTricks said...

These pictures make me want to come again to Pa.... time for a road trip to the Haven... soon as I can beg a day off. (Like that'll happen. Ah me, a girl can dream.)