Friday, October 5, 2007

Mom Update - - she's baaaaack !!!

I'm happy to report that my Mom is home and doing very well. (thank you everyone for your well wishes and nice comments!) She came through her surgery without any problems on Wednesday and they gave her the boot on Thursday morning. (wish I could say the same for that new "Hurry Up and Wait "needle turn applique project I started during our 8 hour waiting room stint on Wednesday --- it came out OK but was a bit awkward for me to do -- I guess I should give it another chance -- but I'm thinking maybe doing prep work first on the seam allowances using the starch method or glue stick method would be less frustrating? )

ANYHOW, back to the Mom Update - - - she called us at the hotel Thursday morning and said she could go anytime -- so we revved up the get - away car , zoomed to the hospital and kept the motor running while the RN sprung her with her stack of instructions. We decided NOT to take the Schuylkill Expressway (it was a Phillies play off game day -- meaning way more traffic than I felt like dealing with) -- so we headed up Broad Street instead and guess what -- there was road construction -- although not too bad. Then we decided to take Rt 309 North instead of the Pa Turnpike since we ran into alot of road construction on that on the way down -- and guess what --- there was ...... ROAD CONSTRUCTION on Rt 309 too !!!! (Big Surprise!!!) Soooo, by the time we got outside of Philly , to Montgomeryville, it was lunch time --- and bathroom break time ..... soooooo, I just happened to make a right turn onto Stump Rd and pulled into a little strip mall/shopping center that just happened to have a deli and just happened to have a ........ QUILT SHOP !!!!!! A coincidence?!???? I think NOT !!!! HA ! ( a couple of years ago, I had been to this same quilt shop and I kind of thought the area looked familiar -- amazing how that quilt shop radar works !! ) Anyhow, after we had a hoagie at the deli and hit the bathroom, Mom was up for a little quilt shop visit (what a trooper!!!) -- however it isn't really high on the list of fun stuff to do for George (aka Dad) ..... so, we locked him in the car with the air conditioner on and some Big Band era music on and a Pa highway map to plot out our route home, and he was a happy camper. Mom and I spent a lovely 45 minutes wandering blissfully through Country Quiltworks looking at books, fabrics galore, finished quilts, notions and doo dads. --- and be still my heart! --- look at the fun goodies I got !!!! Fig Tree Quilts new book "Houses"; "Fall Back in Time" fabric by Sandy Gervais; "Chelsea Boutique" fabric by Blackbird Designs; and wool -- pretty colors of wool !!!! OH !! I just want to take a bath in that wool it's so gorgeous !!!!

Anyhow, back to Mom --- when we got home I thought Mom should go put her feet up and rest -- she ,as usual, did not -- she had to unpack her things, go through the mail, make out a grocery list for me , write out a check or 2, call her sister , call her friend, etc, etc, etc, ---- SHEESH !!! Then I was dismissed --- I was told to go home, she and Dad would be fine and I didn't have to stay over night !! WOW !!!! She may be little, but she's definately one tough cookie !!!

Thanks again for all of your well wishes !

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Nan said...

Hooray for your mama!!! I'm so glad everything went well for her and for you! A quilt shop visit, too - love the goodies you bought!
Imagine there being road work - LOL!!

Doe said...

I'm glad to read Mom is all right! I'm jealous that you have THAT BOOK! I want one right now. I must visit as soon as I'm done writing my comment. Love all your loot! OK, gotta go!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love all your goodies. I got that book and love it!!! It's a good one. Glad our mom's doing well.

Darlene said...

I'm glad that you're mom is doing well. Great goodies you found at the surprise quilt shop stop. :-)

Need to buy that book very, very soon!

Lucy said...

I am glad yoru mom is back home . and that she is doing well.
Love the fig tree book! and solids you bought