Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The "supply list" & covering books tradition

Today's shopping and crafting consisted of those dreaded first week of school events : shopping for the endless list of supplies and covering a zillion books. I can't believe how much I end up spending on 3 ring binders, spiral notebooks, index card, loose leaf paper, hi-liter pens , pencils, crayons (OK, I admit the crayons are for me -- it's just not the beginning of a new school year without a brand new box of crayons, don't ya think! and they're mine, all mine !!!!) And how about those dull book covers? (well, it's WAY after midnight here, and that's about as creative as I can manage at this hour -- besides, my teenage sons would probably protest if I dressed up their book covers -- I think they have dirt bike decals to slap on there anyway.) Well, it's time for me to skeedadle myself off to bed for a whole 4 hours of sleep before I have to haul the little darlings out of bed by their feet so they're not late for school . Nighty- Night!

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Vallen said...

You are a way good mom. Way good.

Dena said...

That is so funny, I buy the new crayons for myself too! My oldest is starting college and my youngest is in his second year of middle school...guess they don't need them at this point, but it's just not school supply shopping without buying a new box :)