Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Jim Thorpe picture tour (continued)

Picture #5 on our tour is The Inn at Jim Thorpe. This is my husband's business (he's a partner in the business along with his dad and brother -- my husband is the manager and runs the day to day operation of the place.) The Inn was built in 1849 and has had quite a few famous visitors over the last century. If you want to see more about the Inn, click here The Inn at Jim Thorpe. (oh, by the way, it's haunted !!! -- check out "ghost stories" on the Inn's website).

Picture #6 is the train station ( which is now half Visitors Center, half bank.) They do have train rides (daily , I think, in the summer, and on weekends throughout the year.) The Fall Foliage train rides in October are extremely popular. They also have a train ride with Santa at Christmas, and an Easter Bunny train ride with an Easter egg hunt in the spring.

Picture #7 is the Dimmick Library. This is the town library , which is really neat inside -- lots of old woodwork. It was named for the Dimmicks (duh ! -- too bad I can't recall why.)

Picture #8 is the Dimmick House (yes, same family that the library was named for). I think this house is really neat. As you can see, it's for sale -- I'd say it's a bit of a fixer upper (to say the least!)

Well, these are just some of the great old houses and buildings in Jim Thorpe. Hope you enjoyed your "tour" !!

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Nan said...

Thank you so much for the tour through your town, Mary Anne! It's so lovely. The only thing better for me would be to see it in person!