Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A BIG production, cont'd

Anyway, to continue my saga of the simple project turning into a BIG production, now that the little table was in the Pink Sewing Room, I couldn't just take everything off of the ironing board (picture #1 -- can you even tell that's an ironing board with all that stuff AND Daisy on it? Every time I wanted to press something I'd have to unload all that stuff -- I'd put it on the floor, or add it to the piles of stuff on my cutting table.) -- anyway, I couldn't just take the stuff off the ironing board and cutting table and put in on the little wooden table --- oh no -- I had to organize everything. It was like that kids' book, If You Give A Moose A Muffin (he'll want some jam to go with it) -- one thing lead to another, and another, and another --- the table was dusty, so I went downstairs to get a dust rag -- couldn't find one, so I had to find an old towel to cut up. Went back upstairs, dusted off the table, started to plop a basket with old catalogs, etc in it on the table ---ended up sitting on the floor looking through them to see if I could pitch any of them -- didn't have a garbage bag, so I went back downstairs to get one -- went back up to the sewing room to finish going through the catalogs, etc, and decided there were alot of dust bunnies flying around -- went back downstairs to get the vacuum cleaner -- dragged it back upstairs -- sat back down on the floor to finish going through some catalogs which made me think of a book I thought I ordered awhile back, so I started looking through the bookshelf to find it -- then I started looking through that (a book by Robyn Pandolph on needle turn applique -- decided I'd like to give it a try one of these days) -- ANYWAY -- as I said, my quick , simple project turned into a 2 day marathon! BUT -- LOOK -- (picture #3 and #4 -- a naked ironing board --except for Mary Ellen's Best Press -- that's ready to use at a moments' notice, and a cutting table with only one project on it!!!) -- and all the stuff that covered both of those surfaces is now living on the little wooden table (picture #2) that had one heck of a time getting into the Pink Sewing Room! Sheesh!! Now all I have to do is keep everything neat and tidy and in it's place!

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Darlene said...

I hope this cute table will work really well for you - eventually. LOL

Cute story!

I'm really glad that your mom is doing better.

Doe said...

Your production team is hilarious!

Vallen said...

Oh, this gives me hope. Hope that something of this nature can be accomplished. Hope that someday I, too, will be able to cut fabric on my cutting table and not on the floor or dining room table. This is good, yes very good.

Nan said...

That is the cutest table! I love your story - things like that always seem to happen to me, too!
After all that excitement, isn't it wonderful to have it in the Pink Sewing Room? The table looks like it has always lived there.
Loved seeing your sewing room!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

All the up and down and up and down is why we bought a ranch style house this time. LOL!!! Whatever Iwanted when I was upstairs was downstairs and when I got downstairs it was upstairs. Good exercise though.