Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Simple project turns into BIG production !!!

OK - so all I wanted to do was bring another table into the Very Pink Sewing Room to have yet another flat surface to put stuff instead of on my ironing board or cutting table. Simple -- Right? Well, my quick little project ended up turning into a BIG production! Kid #1, Matt(wearing the filthy white undershirt), and his buddy Ed happened to be hanging around yesterday , so I asked them to please bring the little table up from the basement and put it in my sewing room . Well, they got it up the basement steps, then the steps , the landing, the turn , and more steps up to the second floor of the house. The little table went through the bedroom door, but then would not go through the door into my sewing room . Hmmmm, the 2 teenagers thought -- lets take a leaf off the table (the table is an old wood table with hinged leaves on each side). So, off comes one leaf. Table still doesn't fit through the door. Matt says "Mom , you have to move the bookshelf behind the door so it opens all the way." OK, bookshelf moved, door opened all the way --- little table still does not fit through the door. Hmmmm, the 2 teenagers thought -- lets take the door off . Mom says " do you guys know what you're doing? Maybe you should wait for Dad!" Teenagers asure me they've had Wood Shop twice and they know their way around tools, etc. So, after some discussion over unscrewing the hinges or just knocking the pins out of each hinge, they managed to get the door off and carried the little table into the Pink Sewing Room! Thanks guys!!

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jen duncan said...

Whew! You had me scared there for a minute! Glad the boys got the table in there without too much trouble :-) Well, it might not've been such a great idea to get the ironing board cleared off (spoken by the person whose bedroom chair is BRIMMING with clothes to be ironed. bah!)