Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ice sculptures in the park

As part of President's Weekend, our little town has different activities going on .... they call it Winterfest. One of the activities is ice carving in Packer Park, which is right in front of the train station. I think it's pretty amazing how they carve something out of a block of ice using a chain saw !!!

Anyway, it was REALLY, REALLY COLD outside while I was in the park taking pictures of those ice sculptures (because I had to take my gloves off to do it) .... so I quickly finished taking the pictures (which is obvious in the quality or lack there of) and trotted off to warm up and nose around in some of the very cute shops.

....... and look at the fun stuff I found!! (actually I found lots more, but my wallet wasn't cooperating today.....)

The two candles are soy candles that I got at a shop called "Homespun" (sorry I didn't get any pictures of the shops, SOMEBODY in the MBIAJ photography dept FORGOT to change the batteries in the camera!!) .... ANYHOW....those candles smell GREAT! I got one for the winter months called "Warm and Cozy", and one for the spring called "Lilac" (mmmmmmm.... and it really does smell just like spring.....).

Then there's that Bag - O - Buttons I got at Country Cottage's a close up of the Bag - O - Buttons (just cause I wanted to try out the close-up thing on my camera)....... (looks like I should read over the section on close ups again in the instruction book!)

Anyway ..... that pink thing that the buttons and candles are sitting on is a CUTE apron I found at another shop in town, The Dreisbach House (again, sorry, no picture....) ..... but here's a picture of the apron!

.....oops .... I guess maybe I should have ironed it! .... but, anyhow .... don't ya just love that blue rick rack around the edge and around the pocket?!? .... and I'm thinkin it looks pretty cute just hanging on the back of that chair in my sewing room .... but, the back of that chair is where a pile of jeans with holes waiting to be mended usually is plopped ...... and usually is collecting DUST because I HATE mending!!!! (and I usually pass it off to my mother who is the queen of mending and a really good sport about tackling my pile of mending along with my sister's pile of mending for her gang of kids.), when I got home from my little outing "over town", I lit up my winter scented "Warm and Cozy" candle .....

........and worked on my Valentine/Spring project (since it wasn't finished in time for Valentine's Day, I've now rolled it over to qualify as a Springtime project .... because here at MBIAJ, as you know, we make up holiday project rules with deadline flexibility built in!)

.....anyhow..... stitching away and daydreaming about when we can switch to the springtime "Lilac" candle!!!!!

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Red Geranium Cottage said...

That apron!!! ROFLOL!!!!! You are too funny. Love candles and love that bag O buttons too.

Lisa Boyer said...

I am totally in love with that apron. I would wear it out...I really would. It's adorable. And I can almost smell those candles! Looks like it was a fun day...

OldBagNewTricks said...

What a wonderful winter holiday!!! Here the weather isn't at all predictable... it might be 15 or it might be 50 -- no ice sculptures with those odds... but I could go for a bag o'buttons any time. Looks like fun.


Dawn said...

I love, love, LOVE your Valentine hearts...oops! I mean spring-time hearts project.

I can almost smell that yummy candle---how fast can I board a plane to your house?

debbie said...

I love those yo-yo hearts! Need to put that on my
I posted pictures on my blog. :)

Doe said...

Amazing ice sculpture!!! Love all your loot especially the apron. Very Cute! I can't wait to see the rest of your hearts/yo-yos project. Waaaaay cute!