Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Day & Making Valentines

The snow started around 10:00 this morning .... so, before it got too bad, I decided to put on my boots, mittens, and Nanook of the North coat to trudge down the driveway to get the mail ... while I was all bundled up I also decided to fill up the birdfeeder (better known as the squirrel feeder) so the little guys would have something to eat on this cold, snowy day..... then I zoomed inside to have a cup of tea and sit by the fireplace. I clicked on the TV and " Guys and Dolls" was on .... I just love old movies like that .....

......here are "the guys"... (there's my man Frank ....)

......and here are "the dolls" .

Anyhow, when the movie was over, I SHOULD have turned the TV OFF and gotten to work on the usual pile of laundry and the usual pile of paperwork ....... but NOOOOOOOooooo......instead I piddled around further and did some channel surfing and stumbled upon ......

Martha making a Valentine project ..... "that looks like fun" I said to Daisy "but let's not copy Martha.... let's come up with our own Valentine project." ... so, instead of getting the laundry started and/or my paperwork started, I rummaged around in my sewing room/mess and found these old skeleton keys and a heart pin (which I forgot about)....and some lace stuff that I also forgot that I had .... then I picked out some fabric (both of the wool and cotton varieties).... and some embroidery floss....

...and Daisy and I parked ourselves right back down in front of the TV (well Daisy parked herself right on TOP of my fabric .....) and started making things up as we went along .... when we noticed running across the top of the TV screen the schools letting out early because of the snow and roads getting slippery.......then, right on cue...... phone rings ....."Mom..... the hill is slippery and we're not gonna make it up .... we're gonna have to back down ..... can you come and get us?" (Kid #1 drives my old car to and from school, with Kid #2 and 1 or 2 friends who live nearby).....anyhow, I throw on my snowboots, mittens, and Nanook of the North coat and grab gloves and hats for various kids (because they didn't listen to me this morning and only wore hooded sweatshirts to school!!! .... no hats, no gloves ,no boots, and no Nanook of the North coats ..... ) and revved up the trusty tank (that would be the 4-wheel drive tank) and inched my way to the top of the hill where my 2 kids plus 1 buddy are hiking up the hill .....SHIVERING, I might add .... and the car was at the bottom of the hill (pulled off to the side, at least) .... and there it will stay until somebody (which I'm not planning on it being me) goes and gets it.

OK, so anyway .... I FINALLY got back to my Valentine project much, much, much later .... and this is as far as I got today......(sheesh ... another blurry picture by those amateurs in the photography dept!! .... if you click on the picture to make it bigger, you might be able to see it better ....)

So..... MAYBE if there's another snow day tomorrow, I'll be able to finish it?!?

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Lisa Boyer said...

What a fun snow day! Except for the walking around in it and being cold part. But I like the crafty part and the old movie part! And the pictures are beautiful. Stay warm.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

You know, its a good thing that you write long posts....this way I can get to listen to at least two songs. Love to hear Thats Amore...it just makes me grin. As did this post. Kids not wearing proper attire? I'm shocked...shocked I say! I picked my son up from Tech crew this afternoon (they are on winter break, but the show is coming up, and you know the deal)in the pooring rain, and he was wearing a sweatshirt...nuff said. Susan

Red Geranium Cottage said...

How cute your little heart is. Who needs Martha I say!!
And dont ya just love when the kids dont listen to you. Like we're from another planet or something.