Thursday, February 28, 2008

You Make My Day Award !!!

WOW !!! Isn't this nice !!! Tamara has awarded me this award !!! (Actually, she awarded me this award a few days ago but I couldn't figure out how to post the "You Make My Day Award" button/picture thing on my blog, so I had to go running to Tamara for her to tell "Miss Computer Incompetence" how to do it!) ......So..... NOT only was she thoughtful enough to honor me with this award ..... she also was nice enough to teach me a new blog/computer skill!!! THANKS Tamara!!!

......OK, now for my Acceptance Speech.......(clearing throat, dabbing tears...)
I'd like to thank the Academy .....(oops, wrong speech .... that's the one I wrote for the Oscars, but by some oversight, I wasn't called upon to deliver it ....)

.....ANYHOW .....Thanks Tamara .... and now I'm supposed to choose 10 more bloggers to pass the award on to ..... but I'm a terrible decision maker ..... and see all those blogs listed on the sidebar? they ALL deserve this award because I love reading them and they definately MAKE MY DAY !!!! So, I here by award this award to ........(drum roll......) ALL OF YOU !!!!

..... and now I must confess ..... thisis the only award I feel I deserve ...... yes, I know it's known as a "Major Award" by the dad in the movie, but let's just call it what it really is ...... a big ol' boobie prize !!! Anyhow, I feel I have earned this "Major Leg Lamp Award" because , in true MBIAJ "Better Late Than Never" style look what I FINALLY packed up yesterday ....

...... yes, that would be a Christmas tree ..... and you know it was just yesterday since the proof is in the new plaid comfy shoes right there in the picture .... would I kid you?! Ugh! Christmas stuff .... FINALLY packed away !!!

........and there it goes ..... back up to the attic for another year ... and not a minute too soon!!!! .... because now the Easter Bunny will be hippity hoppity hopping down the bunny trail in 3 .... THREE weeks !!! (but first the leprechans do a jig in their kilts ...... which by the way are worn with nothing under them other than their shoes ..... and I have that info straight from the head leprechan's mouth ....seems a bit breezy to me .... but how can you argue with tradition?)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Red Geranium Cottage said...

You really should just start decorating again for Christmas cause It's coming again real soon. Love those plaid shoes. You are one stylin momma that's for sure. WHOA!!!!

Lisa Boyer said...

Is there an award for finally putting away your Christmas tree? Because I'd give you that one! No, award for the best pair of shoes I've seen lately! NO...the best paint color of foyer! win everything today. Who needs that ol' Academy anyway?

Busy Little Quilter said...

Congratulations, and thank you at the same time! You do make my day, afterall you were the one who convinced me to start a blog. And, you make me laugh out loud right along with Sharon and Lisa! They're funny gals, too!

Dawn said...

You MAKE my day, Mary Anne! I have you to thank for getting coffee up my nose every morning because I am laughing so hard when reading your post.

My husband now sits in a different spot (okay--different room!) to avoid my loud guffaws.

Enjoy you. Love you. Inspired by you.