Sunday, September 9, 2007

What I've been up to this weekend .....

Well, let's see .... (now, hold onto your hats -- this just may be too exciting for some of you ...) first, there was laundry (especially a particular soccer uniform). Then, there was a soccer game (the second one this week). There he is,my younger kid, Evan ... #27 in the red shirt , about to kick the ball to his team mates -- they won that game 1-0 ! Yeah Olympians JV soccer !!!! OK, then there was more laundry and some grocery shopping (because , and I quote "we don't have anything good to eat at our house".) Then there was some football game watching --- Penn State beating the pants off of Notre Dame to be exact --- GO PENN STATE !! (there are quite a few die hard Penn Staters in my family -- sorry to any of you who are Notre Dame fans ...)

OK, so that was Saturday -- the excitement continued today. First, there was laundry (BIG sigh.....), then there was paperwork left over from last week that had to get finished today (picture #3). Ummmm, OK, ..... so, as usual, I was procrastinating / easily distracted, whatever -- and was reading this very funny book Stash Envy by Lisa Boyer. This is the second book of hers that I'm reading -- the first one was "That Dorky Homemade Look!" OH!! HOW I CAN RELATE TO EVERYTHING THIS WOMAN WRITES !!! It's like she's hiding behind piles of clutter in my house, spying on me, then writing it all down!!! For example, the title of one of the chapters is "Quilt Interrupted". She goes on and on about how she tries and tries to eek out a chunk of time to spend in her sewing room working on a quilt, but, alas, it's not gonna happen -- everybody and their cousin needs something, can't find something, broke something, spilled something, has some monumental crisis, etc, etc, etc......SHEESH
!!! (well, at least it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who can't seem to get it together!) Anyhow, some of the other chapters are "Grandma's Crummy Quilt Top" , "Ask Not for Whom the Vision Blurs", "Fired from the Quilt Factory" and "I Married a Nerd". OMG -- she CRACKS ME UP !!!! she chuckled me right out of my bored with paperwork and laundry stupor that I find myself in almost every weekend.

OK, on with my exciting Sunday, there was .... (drum roll please.....) yes, you guessed it ---- more laundry ... and a tiny smidgen of sewing (picture #2). Yes, Miss Maura , I was working on your quilt!!(Maura is one of my very patient nieces --- poor kid --- I started a quilt for her about 5 years ago for her First Communion --- and, as usual, I couldn't leave well enough alone and had to keep adding stuff to this once very simple quilt,which could have been finished a couple of years ago -- so, now I'm trying to finish it for her 13th birthday which is coming up VERY SOON in October - - 38 letters appliqued on, only 15 more to go!!!) ANYWAY -- my "thrill - a - minute" weekend continued (yawn) with --- any guesses here? --- if you said laundry, followed by another run to the grocery store, you would unfortunately be correct.

.... but, through it all, I had two of my favorite "friends" keeping me company -- Lucy and Ethel !!!(picture #4) I've seen every one of the "I Love Lucy " shows so many times that I don't usually sit down and actually watch them any more -- but having them on in the background, hearing their voices and ridiculous predicaments they get into is just like sitting down to some comfort food -- ahhh yes, Lucy and Ethel -- just like macaroni and cheese or chicken pot pie served by Grandma !

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


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Happy Zombie said...

I'm totally excited about seeing that quilt you're working on! I think I may have said this before... but I think we use the same Elna... and one of my cats is always close by too (always waiting and hoping for a loose thread to fall their way).