Thursday, April 19, 2007

Maybe I should hire a secretary........

Well, the work load around here has been getting more and more overwhelming -- I'm thinking of hiring a secretary ....... how about that gal sitting at the computer? She's smart, cute , creative, and athletic -- and more importantly ,she thinks I"M smart, cute , creative and athletic !!!!! ( of course she's been brain washed by me since the day she was born . ) This is my niece, Erin. Erin has a big sister , Maura (and we all know big sisters RULE !) -- both of them are in the picture from last summer (4th of July) showing the "Mug Rugs" ( a Pat Sloan wool felt pattern) that they made for their Gimma's 4th of July birthday. So....... they both can sew, (and we all know I could use some help in the sewing department --- lots of projects backed up and waiting to be sewn.....) , they're both smart (they could be not only my secretaries, but also my cub reporters for MBIAJ -- Moonbeams in a Jar) --- they're hired !!!!!

.....AND, as her first MBIAJ assignment, here is an exclusive interview by Maura with her sister Erin. Maura: Is that a new purse? (pictured on the desk by the computer). Erin: Yes, it's a Vera Bradley purse in the latest spring colors. It was a gift from Aunt Lori in Florida. It holds my webkinz, Faith and Hope. Maura: What was your favorite candy consumed over Easter? Erin: Don't ask me. Maura: I've heard that you think we need 2 more letters in the alphabet. Erin: Yes! The 2 letters are "AAAA" (a nasal sound made with mouth wide open), and "EEEE" (a sound made with eyes closed and teeth gritted).

Okee Dokey........ Look out world --- here come Maura and Erin !

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Busy Little Quilter said...

Your neices are adorable. I remember their mug rugs from this past summer. It's so nice that you have girls to sew with.