Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello October !!!

YAY !!!! October is here !!!  I think autumn is my favorite season .  I just love the colors and the crisp cool weather.  AND, as you can see,  I love taking pictures of the colors and scenery.  

Now, because I'm not easily distracted enough already, I recently acquired a fancy shmancy phone from my husband ( who didn't like it and let it sit on a shelf for the past year)  ...... AND I figured out how to take pictures with this fancy phone and ( drum roll please) .... I figured out how to post them on facebook  ALL BY MYSELF !!!  My college boys didn't even have to help !!!!

So,  anyway ..... as I said ..... I'm already easily distracted ...... and now, with this fancy phone , I  must have stopped a zillion times yesterday and today during my work day ( making physical therapy home care visits)  ..... and took pictures .....

lots of pictures of the GORGEOUS autumn scenery that I pass everyday making my rounds ........ and then I posted them on facebook !  ( and I'm sure my college boys are rolling their eyes and groaning ....... and thinking "enough already Mom!!!").

OK ..... so enough with the scenery pictures ( for now.....) .  Instead, here's a picture of a yet to be finished table runner /wall hanging (not sure yet which category it falls into)  that I started last year ...... and hope to finish this year......... :)
Well, I've piddled around enough today ...... got to get back to work!
Be back soon!
Mary Anne ( aka Mare)