Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hey baby, wanna see my obelisk ?

Sounds like that famous pick-up line from college days :"Hey baby, wanna come back to my dorm room and see my etchings?" (what the heck are etchings anyway?) Actually, I've never gotten approached with that line -- usually I was approached with "Hey, you, who's your friend?" .....oh well ..... Anyhow, when I first heard the word "obelisk" I wondered if it was something I had heard way back in anatomy class. So, I hauled out one of my college anatomy books and looked through it ....let's see, olecranon, occiput, auditory ossicles, orbicularis oculi ..... nope, doesn't seem to be an obelisk anywhere in the human body. So, I thought , geometry --- sounds like a geometry word. So, I looked through kid #1's geometry notes from last year .....hmmmmmm.... hexagon, trapezoid, rhombus, octagon ..... nope, not in the geometry notes. So, I looked it up in good ol' Webster's dictionary , and this is what Webster had to say : a 4-sided pillar that tapers toward the top and ends in a pyramid ( with a metal bird on the top --- at least mine has a metal bird on the top!)

Anyhow, I didn't find my obelisk in my anatomy book, or my kid's geometry notes from last year -- but, I did find it (actually I found 2 of them) at Lowe's end of season sale in their garden dept for HALF price !!!! --- and look at the dandy job they're doing holding up my droopy coneflowers ! (which reminds me, I need to go shopping for a new bra ......)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


PamKittyMorning said...

Great garden shots. My garden is dry and cruchy!

Unknown said...

Your garden rocks. I'm loving that bird on your obelisk. I'm going to ignore how bad that sounds. ;) (wende@evidently)